Snow Day

I live in the South so it’s always an event when we get snow. Always.That’s why I’ve kept one eye on the weather forecast all week. The closer we got to Friday, the more our chance of snow increased: 30 percent, 40 percent, 60 percent, 70 percent.

How about 100 percent?

I think we’re up to about three inches and another two to four hours of snow falling still to come. It’s rumored that more of the white stuff is one the way Sunday or Monday. Not what I’d planned for this weekend at all.

Honey worked from home today and took a break late this afternoon to take Miss L out to play in the pretty snow. I followed behind, my trust camera in hand and my favorite insulated duck boots on.

The neighborhood kids were having a blast outside and thrilled to have a grown-up to gang up on with snowballs. Liesl could not get enough of playing in the snow, whether she was sledding, throwing snowballs, making snow angels or attempting to make a snowman. (Her big brother spent about two hours out there with his friends.)

As for me, I snapped a bunch of pictures then popped back into the warm, quiet house to enjoy the snow from my favorite vantage point: the living room.

7 Replies to “Snow Day”

  1. Mary, I’m right there with you! We live in Montgomery, AL, so snow is always cause for excitement for us, too. We had a wonderful day throwing snowballs, building a snowman, and catching snowflakes. I spent about 45 minutes taking pictures and then came inside to cozy up to the fire!

  2. Little L looks like she had a blast. My baby girl went off with her friends to play, too, but I was not there so have no idea how it went.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. We had a snowball fight and it’s not looking good for getting to work in the am. Miss L is so adorable! And I’ve got to post pics of my neighbor dog in my front yard running in the snow. Too cute! Be safe please!

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