Sweet Dreams

Early in 2009, I made a Sleep-Over Quilt for Miss L using some of Patty‘s first line for Michael Miller, Andalucia. I realized right away what a great gift it would make and planned to whip up some for Christmas. Little did I know that I’d be swamped with a major deadline around the holidays and would not have the chance to stick with my plan!

Of course, I wasn’t willing to give up on making at least a few gifts, especially one I thought would be enjoyed by my nieces. So I took an unexpected detour and bought prequilted fabric. It may not have the same cachet as something sewn and quilted personally, but I took a gamble that our 4- and almost 7-year-old nieces wouldn’t mind.

I found the fabric at JoAnn ETC and was surprised to see Dena Designs on the selvedge (Dena also designs fabric for Freespirit/Westminster). A quick sprint through the aisle helped me find two coordinates I could use for the pockets. (The green dot binding came from my stash.)

Originally I thought to use the trimmed quilted fabric for the straps and would just bind the edges but that didn’t quite work out the way I envisioned. Instead, I used some nylon strapping I had on hand. I’m optimistic it will hold up as well. It’s not an heirloom type of quilt, so the modification didn’t really bother me.

I added a personal touch to each quilt by embroidering the girls’ names on the outermost pocket. The personlization stitched out while I worked on the pockets, and really didn’t add any time to the project. All in all, I think I wrapped up both blankets from start to finish in one day. Not bad for a last-minute homemade gift!

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  1. Luckily, 4 and 7 year olds aren’t usually fabric snobs yet, so I bet they will love them, especially since Aunt Mary made them!

  2. I am looking for the instructions. I have 4 granddaughters that would love this quilt. Beautiful colors. Great idea by using nylon strap.

  3. I had previously asked about instructions to sleep over quilt, I got a response earlier from Mary, but my husband deleted the message. We just got our computer fixed from a virus, so he was a little worried. Could you please resend the message? Thanks

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