Thanksgiving Trio

Mmmmm. Thanksgiving. I love spending the day with my family and have figured out that cooking a little bit each day leading up to Thursday gives me plenty of time out of the kitchen on the actual holiday.

We’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year but are taking along the sides and desserts so I’ve been cooking up a storm the past couple of days.

When we have Thanksgiving at home, I typically make just one dessert (which is plenty for the five of us) but thought we needed more for a larger gathering — hence three different yummies. The pie* and bundt cake recipes both came from Southern Living, one of my favorite magazines. The ganache-covered cake is from a Cooking Light recipe (another of my fave reads). They just look so tasty and it’s been hard not to take a nibble! But I’d rather not show up with a chunk missing from something, so they’ve managed to remain intact.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

* I did not have bourbon on hand so I substituted Southern Comfort. And I used chocolate chunks instead of morsels.

25. Having all my kids home for the holiday.

7 Replies to “Thanksgiving Trio”

  1. YUM!

    I have to admit I was disappointed. We hosted thanksgiving this year and my father in law said he would make pies. So I made no desserts. Well make pies turned into bringing 2 frozen pies to the house. I love that he brought them…but they were gross!

    What I wouldn’t give for a slice of one or all three of those!

  2. Hi Mary! Those look so good. We had apple pie because my sister doesn’t eat pumpkin pie. It was really good but we all kind of wished we had planned for two pies so we could have pecan too.

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