Houston Round-Up: People

I’d be lying if I said going to Quilt Market was all work and no play. Hanging out with my friends and meeting new people are among my favorite parts of the trip, even though working sometimes means we squeak in a few minutes here and there when we run into each other in the aisles between appointments.

I was fortunate enough to room with Sarah and Taffy again this trip and this time our friend Patty came along. She’s an old pro at Market but has missed the past couple because she’s been spending lots of time with her little person. It’s always fun to hang out with them and Taffy is always patient with my questions about quilting. They were particularly understanding of my need to hit Starbucks every morning, which was conveniently located right next to our hotel.

Etsuko Furaya was at the Seven Islands booth, so I had to meet her. And take a picture with her (and big thanks to Patty for being in the pic, too!).

Sheree and I talk on the phone all the time but it’s not quite the same as being in the same city for three days. She was pretty occupied with her booth but we did get a few minutes together here and there. I was especially excited to meet the rest of her family and our friend Jonah was kind enough to take a picture of us with her daughter.

More from Market:

Myrinda, Patty and Anna.

Lori and Jamie

Patty and Patty (Young) — yeah, that’s doesn’t get confusing at all. LOL!

Corie. Angela of Bunny Designs in her booth (totally love the Alice in Wonderland theme she had going on!)

Sandi Henderson‘s totally wicked Fluevogs that she got on clearance (I’m so jealous).

Me with Paula Prass. (Paula, I think the heads touching is contaigious — look how mine is leaning towards yours LOL!)

Anna, Joey, Jona and (I think) the Sweet Funky VIntage girls (check out the Brassy Apple scarf!)

Sheree and Traci (and check out Traci’s totally cute top, which she made — of course)

I’d have more pictures except the focus ring in my camera lens locked up in the middle of the day on Saturday. Waaaaaahhhhh! (Seriously — the darn thing broke 18 months after I bought it and I had it fixed in May, right before Spring Market & now it’s broken again.)

Next up: last of my Market posts — and a giveaway!

6 Replies to “Houston Round-Up: People”

  1. Mary, it looks like you had so much fun. I totally would have loved the Alice in Wonderland booth. Sorry your camera broke, but your pics are great! I hope you are able to get it fixed. And now…..how are you going to inspire us to great heights of craftiness with all the ideas you found at market?? I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. What wonderful memories you must have. And now tell us about all the amazing swatches, stashes, lengths and cuts that you brought home.

  3. OH my goodness, I NEED Those orange shoes!!!!! SHOE ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! You were a busy bumble bee there, weren’t you!! I wish I had a tenth of the photos you do! It was soooooo amazing to see you again and I am so excited (you know why!) Hope we will meet again in 2010, both with exciting new adventures to share! Love ya! Melly.

  4. Okay, I just stole the picture of me and you. You can find it on MY blog. My pictures were pretty bad or non-existant and, yup, I’m stealing pictures. xoxo

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