Computing in Style

My older son sort of volunteered me to make a laptop bag for one of his friends. She was having trouble finding one to fit her new computer and he knew how much I liked her, so he asked if I could help her out. She’s one of my favorite young adults, so I really couldn’t say no.

I knew when I saw this Amy Butler fabric in the shop that it was “the one,” but the boy insisted she’d prefer something else. While he juggled bolts of fabric, I snapped a pic with my phone, uploaded it to Facebook and tagged it with her name so she could see some options. As I expected, she loved the fabric I chose. (Score: Mom – 1,000,000; J – 3)

I drafted the bag to her computer’s dimensions with a little more room to accommodate the AC adapter and maybe a notebook. The bag closes with a parachute clip and strap to make it tough for someone to open it without her being aware.

She’s been at college a couple of weeks now and says she loves her one-of-a-kind bag, which mostly has been used as a messenger bag to carry her books to class. I’m just happy to have sent a little handmade love with her to college.

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  1. Love the bag!! How did you size the strap? Is it adjustable? Did you use some batting to pad it? I have to make one of these too – love your inspiration!!

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