Birthday Nibbles

I like baking.

It’s gratifying, in that I not only get to make something but I get to make something consumable that sometimes looks pretty cool, too. Plus, I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe!

Two of my friends had birthdays the same week and I felt compelled to bake for the occasions. My friend Eryn went home with about three dozen Chocolate Salted-Caramel Mini Cupcakes, which she said made her very happy. They were yummy, I have to say, even if I did mess up the caramel and it ended up a little grainy. *sigh* She had no complaints, though, and genuinely seemed to enjoy them in spite of the not-so-gooey middles. I completely forgot to snap pictures of them, so you’ll have to take my word that they were incredibly cute. (Confession: Some of the chocolate buttercream got too warm and when I piped it on the cupcakes looked a little poo-ish. I may have eaten the evidence.)

Next up was my friend Sarah’s birthday and I made her a cake from one of my favorite cookbooks, The Whimsical Bakehouse. I used their recipe for House Buttercream and have to say that it’s still not my favorite. I think it’s not a good match for Southern summers. It tends to be a little on the soft side so it doesn’t hold up very well to dam the filling (the cake was supposed to be tilted at a rakish angle).

The cake, as a whole, was so yummy, though! I made a raspberry mousse filling (also from the cookbook) that’s been a hit with everyone who’s tasted it. (Confession: I spread the excess filling on the cake trimmings to snack on while the crumb coat is setting.) I rode to the shop to take it to Sarah on her birthday, in the rain, and held on to the cake plate really hoping I would not have to stop abruptly and watch it slide into my dashboard, since it was too tall to fit in my cake carrier. “Sorry, officer, I was trying to save this cake!”

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  1. I wish I lived nearby! Those all sound so delish! I’ve got a basic buttercream and a “professional” buttercream recipe and the last couple times I’ve made them, I prefer the basic to the fancy one. Just seems to work most consistently. Tough to do in our warmer times though, too.

  2. Oh YUM! The cupcakes sound unbelievably yummy! What a wonderful friend you are and what lucky friends you have!

    I can bake pretty well, but frosting……uh…no. Your cake is just gorgeous!!

  3. Lovely!! I love the Whimsical Bakehouse, but have to admit, I’ve never tried their buttercream. I’ve always just used the Wilton recipe, and it’s been well liked, so why change? : ) Our favorite is the cookie’s n cream filling. Every one of my kids requests that for their birthday cake. So yummy. You did a fabulous job of decorating!! Your colors are very nice. Do you use the colors they suggest? There again, I’ve always just stuck with the Wilton stuff.

  4. Tht cake is sooo pretty! I love it! I have been in a cooking/baking mood lately too…maybe it’s the season?? LOL! Driving with cakes is dangerous! You never know what a crafter may do to save one of her creations! They are like our babies!


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