Little Goddess Lanterns

When I saw the Tina Givens patterns at Market last fall, I was excited at the prospect of sewing them. The look is so different from the children’s clothing out there! Just funky and bohemian, not fussy at all.

The reality of sewing the Little Goddess (made with Laura Gunn’s Lantern Bloom for Michael Miller) was a little different. The pattern isn’t very complex but the directions were sometimes a little vague for me (I later found that Tina has some tutorials on her blog, which surely would have helped).

I love this little applique detail on the back! I used a square of linen left over from another project and fussy cut the heart. It’s really a shame that it’s on the back because it deserves more attention.

The fit of the dress is rather generous. I finished it up the week I taught sewing camp and had one of my 11-year-old students try it on — and it fit, although definitely too short for a dress. More like a tunic suitable for pairing with leggings. It took nothing at all to get one of the gals at the shop to try it on — a grown woman — and it fit her as a top.

Miss L loves it but I think I’ll make her wear a top and leggings under it. But I don’t know of another thing I’ve sewn her that has the potential for so many years of wearing.

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  1. The fabric is terrific. And I like the style. I would say that Missy deserves a little top and leggings to go with that smashing topper!!
    And the applique on the back is the perfect touch.
    Good looking model, does she rent out?

  2. This is the fabric that I’m making a dress out of right now, too. That is awfully generous for a child’s size – do you think there’s a pattern error? Or is it meant to be worn like a cape over leggings and a top?

  3. I love the fabric so much! I want some!
    But I agree about the top and leggings. The arm holes are pretty long without a top underneath. But the neckline is really neat! And as always, Miss L is gorgeous.

  4. I’ve always liked an oversized look in little girl’s dresses (whimsical?). I made so many cute dresses for my girls when they were small, and just seeing those blonde curls on your daughter brings back many memories. They just grow up soooo fast.

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