My son’s free tickets to the Warped Tour cost him $94.

No, that wasn’t the money he spent on food. Or gas. Or souvenirs. Or even a speeding ticket.

That $94 is what he’s out after some loser stole his wallet at the concert. To whit:

  • Driver’s license ($15)
  • College student ID that he just got a week ago ($15)
  • Purchases charged to his debit card before he realized his wallet was missing and called me to cancel his card ($14)
  • Barnes & Noble gift card he received as a graduation present from his favorite former teacher ($50)

Fortunately, our bank should credit him the $14 but the gift card is gone and he’s going to have to shell out the money to replace his license and ID.

It never crossed my mind that I needed to tell my son to put his wallet in his front pants pocket. It just seems like common sense to me. But I guess that’s common sense gained from living 20 years longer than my kid. I feel so badly for him because it really tainted a great experience. I’m proud of him, too, for taking the right steps (checking Lost & Found, calling me so I could contact the bank) as soon as he realized his wallet was gone.

Still, it’s a lesson I wish he hadn’t learned the hard way.

15 Replies to “Loser”

  1. i read recently that the fastest way to learn is “the hard way”. It ends up being one we never forget because if we do, the pit of our stomach will remind us! I am sorry that he is still so young, but on the bright side because he is so young the financial is still small.

  2. Poor guy. My wallet was stolen probably when I was around his age. It got stolen at work! It is such a horrible feeling.

  3. Oh no! This is a HARD lesson…and I want to say something trite like it wasn’t a very expensive one…I mean, not as expensive as it could have been…but it is still devastating to loose anything…and a horrible feeling of being invaded in some way.

  4. That is just awful, Im sorry for your son, the good news is it was stolen on the sly and not with force. could have been much worse. Hope he gets over it.

  5. This kind of thing burns me up! Why can’t these crooks get a job and work like the rest of us. I have been there..car stolen…house broken into and recently someone got my credit card info and opened a pay pal account and charged $700!GRRRR!

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