Summer Tunic

There were a few projects from Weekend Sewing that made my must-sew list but after seeing Jona‘s take, the tunic jumped to the top of my list.

I grabbed a few yards of this pretty floral from the clearance bin at the shop and went to work on a wearable muslin. I altered the sleeves and made them about three-quarter length with a ruffled cuff. I also added a little length because I like a bit more coverage in the mid section.

There are a few things I’ll change the next time I make this. The first: Sew a smaller size. I rarely err on the side of too large but this was one of those cases. In fact, even my older son told me it was too big and would look cuter if it were smaller.

I also made the gap in the yoke too wide so there was no stitching it closed without creating a goofy looking pucker in the front of the top. It’s OK on this one, which will be my to-the-pool-and-back top this summer, but I’ll be sure to actually measure and draw a line on the next one instead of eyeballing it.

The top came together pretty easily and I’m looking forward to sewing another and getting lots of use from it.

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  1. Love the top. With all the colors, you can wear any color tee under it. You just used a tee pattern but enlarged it slightly? The photo looks like it has a hoodie. Like the idea. Thanks,

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