A Little Campy

I’ve been teaching a sewing and quilting summer camp at the shop this week, so my days have been busier in a new and different way. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, since most of my teaching has been one-day or half-day kind of things. Would my students get along? Could they get through each of the projects in the amount of time allotted? Would it be fun for all of us?

It’s been an absolute blast.

I have two 11-year-old girls in my camp — lifelong friends of each other — and they are just the coolest kids. Love to sew, excited about every project, thrilled with everything they’re learning. And oh my gosh, are they fast! They would have finished Thursday’s big project before they left today if I’d had the right elastic with me. (They literally groaned when I told them the news; they were that bummed!) They just beam whenever they finish a project, so absolutely pleased with themselves and their work.

I’ve even been able to get a little sewing done myself this week which makes me happy: a baby quilt top, a new dress for Miss L, a wristlet, a halter top and two skirts for Sarah‘s daughter.

I’ve made them promise to bring all of their projects on Friday so I can photograph all their work (which should be at least one tote bag, two wristlets, a pair of pajama pants, two key fobs, an Amy Butler Sun & Surf Halter and three skirts — plus whatever they make Friday). I’ll be sure to share pics so you can ooooh and aaaaah as much as I have!

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  1. Holy moly–you’ve been a busy momma this week!!! I can’t wait to see some photos, and not just the girls’ work either, you know we are dying to see what you’ve been making this week too!! 🙂

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  2. That does sound like fun. When I was eleven. I took a class at the Singer shop near us. It was not fun. I was the youngest person and the class was geared to people who couldn’t really use a sewing machine. I, at that point, thought I knew everything (I came back to earth time about 10 years later). Funny, I had forgotten all about that class and my know-it-all attitude till I read about your fun class.

    Pats last blog post..Neglected ?

  3. That sounds awesome! The Chicken & I are going to do a sewing camp of sorts here at the house. She wants to invite friends to learn to sew as well. I think we will start off with small stuff & work our way up. She is itching to use her new sewing machine that her grandpa got her for her birthday. (I wanna use it too! its nearly as nice as mine!) Debating on whether I want to set it up in her room or my craft room.

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  4. so great to hear about you teaching these girls sewing. their stuff looks amazing. you should be so proud of them-and yourself for passing on the sewing love to the next generation.

    i’m already adoring your blog and cannot wait to see more.


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