Testing, 1, 2, 3 … 4?

I’ve been pattern testing again for some friends, so the next few days are going to highlight those creations. I’ll start the week out with the first dress I finished: Miss Lily for Samantha of The Handmade Dress.

I previously have tested for Sam, so I sort of knew what to expect. And I was not disappointed. She aims to design patterns that can be finished during a nap time, and I think this one will come pretty close.* It’s a really sweet bubble dress with peasant-style bodice and sleeves.

Miss L had picked out this fabric from Joann’s from the newest juvenile apparel section fabrics. The vivid pink offsest the red cherries and strawberries nicely, so I agreed to use it when she asked if I’d make the Miss Lily from it. I think it’s a great spring/summer fabric, so I suspect she’ll get a lot of wear from it in the coming months.

I love how quickly the dress came together and the bubble skirt is a cinch to sew. I think I’ll make the skirt of the next one a little bit longer so Liesl has some growing room, but the fit otherwise is spot on.

The pattern directions call for using a ribbon as the sash but I decided to sew one out of coordinating polka dot fabric. I love how the finished garment looks and wish we could wear it now — but of course the temperature dropped 30 degrees again so we’re back in coats and sweaters. LOL!

I think the dress could be as casual or as dressy as you want to make it. I’m itching to try it with some pretty eyelet or embroidered cotton and a sweet satin ribbon!

*It takes me about three times as long to sew a garment when I pattern test because I’m constantly making notes and checking that I’m following the pattern exactly as it’s written, instead of winging it.

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  1. Miss L. made an excellent choice with the fabric. The colors are delightful and offset her skin beautifully. What happens when you no longer have a model for the clothes? Oh, I guess you can grow another. Just kiddling!
    But a question about the pattern, will the bubble skirt stay bubbly when it has been in the washer and dryer?

    Pats last blog post..Clara and The Devils

  2. So cute! I just left The Handmade Dress and Sam is having a 25% off sale on all her patterns. I may just have to run over there and get this one. You did a nice job!

  3. Oh My Gosh! This is just delightful! Way, way, way more appealing than the dress they’ve posted on their site. I’m way more inclined to buy the pattern by looking at your dress than theirs. Yes, make her at least 2 more!

    Lilias last blog post..Birdie Bag

  4. That is a beautiful dress! I love the look of the skirt part, and your dd’s fabric choice is great!

  5. Can I jump in again? I am really not a very accomplished garment sewer, but I want to make my 4 year old some dresses for this summer. Can you suggest a very simple pattern(s) to start with that won’t leave me swearing and throwing my seam ripper?

    Amandas last blog post..St. Pat’s Stuff

  6. Thank you for doing this! I’m a huge fan of her other patterns, and am really excited to try this one! It looks beautiful!

  7. New rule at the Octamom house…6 of 8 does not need to be reading your blog over my shoulder because she is quite certain that she and Miss Thang should be great friends and should have matching dresses….


    Octamoms last blog post..Photographic Memory

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