Lunch with Good Folks

It’s not unusual for me to find out about a new product and then ask Sarah if she’s going to carry it at the shop. Imagine my delight the day I stopped in and she’d received the new laminated Anna Maria Horner fabrics before I’d even had a chance to ask!

I immediately volunteered to make a shop sample with them. (Admit it — you would have, too!) The laminated cottons (henceforth referred to as “lamco” because I’m such a dork) have such an amazing feel to them. They are so soft and pliable. My only complaint is that there’s not enough variety in the prints because I’d love to make more with them.

I used the two Good Folks lamcos to make the lunch bag from Favorite Things. I’ve had the pattern for a while but never got around to sewing with it and it seemed like the fabrics were a good choice. Well … yes and no. “Yes” because the fabric makes a nice waterproof lunchbag. “No” because it’s awfully hard to press a fabric you can’t actually iron.

I think the next time I make this pattern, I’ll do a couple of things differently. For one, I’ll use a woven cotton for the exterior so I can actually iron the darn thing. Next, I’ll add more Velcro strips to the flap so it closes more securely. And since I’m talking about the flap … I’m also going to lengthen the flap to give a little more coverage while it’s closed. It seems just a little skimpy, in my opinion.

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  1. Sweet! I love the Good Folks fabrics… The lunch sack was a great choice, but I can imagine the frustration over the whole not being able to iron it routine. Turning bags causes much wrinkling! It’s still cute – I’d carry it. πŸ™‚

    melissa sewss last blog post..I just won a great giveaway!

  2. I also recently found your blog….I’m lovin’ your recommendations of fabric & toys — your wit, humor, attitude and spirit — and thank goodness there’s others out there that procrastinate doing their art! (in my case, anything else, too, for that matter!) SISTERS UNITE!! I don’t like feeling alone with malady. πŸ˜‰ Magazines and Blogs are what set me back.

    Thanks for all the info. I’m an information/product researcher to the max, you’re making my self-imposed job easier. I may just have to ask for a YUDU, too!

  3. Really like the idea of laminated fabric but would adore the idea if we had a spray or iron on the we could do at home and….voila..there’s our own fabric waterproofed!

  4. Hey, guess what?

    There are going to be more laminated fabrics from Westminster and specifically Ana Maria.

    Also, there is an iron on vinyl so that you can make your own laminated fabric!

    I love the lunch bag. I was looking at it today and just loving it!

  5. Such a cute project! I was considering ordering those laminates. We’ll see. I have a bunch of the european ones that are coated, but not so stiff and can be ironed. I was hoping these were the same way?

    You always provide such great tips!

  6. Love the fabric (and the fabric combination)! Thanks for the warning on not being able to iron it – makes so much sense when you point it out! I agree on lengthening the flap – gorgeous bag overall though.

    Sarah Ks last blog post..Affordable Art!

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