We had kind of a whirlwind weekend, Honey, Miss L and me. Honey’s brother turned 40 on Groundhog Day and our sister in law invited us to fly to their home near New York City to be his birthday surprise.

I was a little on the fence about going — considering the cost and the much colder NY weather — but was sold on the idea once I recalled that one of my favorite people lives just a few miles away from the ILs. After I bought our tickets, I called her up.

“So, guess who’s coming to Staten Island in a couple of weeks?” I teased.

After I convinced her that A) I was not joking and 2) I was not some crazy psycho Internet stalker, we made plans to hook up. I’m so glad we did! The Diva picked me up at the door and whisked me off to a fabulous buffet breakfast at the nearby Hilton, where we sat and gabbed for what felt like 20 minutes but really was closer to 2.5 hours. We even managed to sneak in some business talk and Lisa was kind enough to give me some great feedback on The Project, which was just so helpful and wonderful. She was the first person I told about it and she’s been very encouraging and supportive, as well as delivering a kick in the behind when needed. I am truly fortunate to know her and having met her in person made it even more clear.

And then I snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to a certain mutual friend to rub it in. (Neener, neener!)

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