Dress Me Up

One of the coolest things to me about experiencing Quilt Market was seeing sewn and modeled samples of so many patterns. Which is probably why I came home with so many patterns in hand or on my wishlist! LOL!

This Indygo Junction pattern was one of them. It’s the Day Shift Dress and I thought it would be a great one to make for wearing instead of my usual tee-and-jeans or tee-and-skirt.

I picked out some brighter fabrics than the examples I saw (some of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern) and got to work. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the pattern is sized pretty generously. I traced and sewed the Medium but I might have been able to go down to a Small — and I wear a size 12.

It’s a pull-over dress so there are no zippers or button plackets to deal with. The downside? It’s not a close-fitting style and I’m not sure how flattering it is on me. No, seriously; I’m not fishing for compliments here. Even Josh (who took my picture) said, “It makes you look wide but you’re not wide.” I’m afraid he may have a point.

The dress also runs short. Like, above-my-knees short. Can’t-lean-over short. I’ll probably add a faux layered hem panel to give myself a few more inches to work with because I think wearing it over jeans adds to the wide-and-bulky look I’d like to avoid.

Overall, the pattern was pretty easy to sew and I still like the look of it, even if it’s not super flattering on me.

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  1. Maybe if you try a wide 4 inch band from the aqua tab fabric connecting the bodice to the skirt it might define your waist and also add the inches in length. I’d pin a strip on and see what it looks like. It would be an easy fix with a little seam ripping.

  2. Could you put a couple of ties in the sides to give yourself a way to show your waistline. I love the style of the dress, but I agree with your comment that it needs a little more shape to it. The previous comment about adding a band under the bodice is excellent too. If you want to wear it with jeans, you may want to consider making it shorter.

    Heidis last blog post..Finished Another Purple Square

  3. I’m finally going to comment after lurking for months (I promise I’m not a stalker), LOL! I love the dress and do not think it looks wide. But, you could make a coordinating belt/sash to go around the waist to narrow it in a bit! Great job!

    Anne in SCs last blog post..She has the proper tools……

  4. Hi Mary, I work with C&T Publishing and saw your comment about our new Blank Board Cupcakes. “Must Have Cupcake”
    I would be happy to send you a cupcake if you design it and post a review on your blog. Your designs are adorable and I would love to see what can do with our cupcake.

    Megans last blog post..First day of CHA!

  5. If it was cut a little longer and was sleeveless, or had capped sleeves, imagine how comfortable it would be on a hot day! Fitted is far from what you want when it is boiling hot.

    I guess I have being comfortable in the heat on my mind– I am sweltering in my non- airconditioned home in 45 degree celsius (about 114 farenheit) Australian summer heat– but seriously, it would be a great summer shift dress.

    Marlyas last blog post..Times are tough

  6. Love the pattern and you have that “don’t mess with me” look-lol. Wow, have I missed alot. So many great posts that I hadn’t seen. You’ve been busy. Those bags are fabulous.

    Hope all is well on your end!

    Lisas last blog post..Hang Papers, Not Clothes

  7. I love it. I like the first comment about adding a band. Personally, I think the easiest thing would be to add a tie – one that ties behind your back. I have tons of somewhat shapeless dresses that have a tie in the back and it really helps to define the waist!
    PS. I love your blog. I happened upon it a few days ago and it’s a lovely distraction from doing my work!

    Sarahs last blog post..Sheet Parade

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