Traditions guide our holiday celebrations, from setting up the Christmas tree and decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving to the big brunch I cook and serve on Christmas morning. Yet, this year, our Christmas was less steeped in tradition than ever.

For the first time, my sons were not home for the holidays. It was, if you will, a foreshadowing of the mostly-empty nest that we’ll soon be experiencing. While the boys hung out with their grandparents in a neighboring state, we spent Christmas as a family of three.

And it was nice.



Fortunately Miss L is just like her big brothers in one respect: she slept until after 9 on Christmas morning. But the pace of having one small girl at home is far different than that of having three — with two of them gregarious teenagers. And her appetite is much less, so our brunch was three items rather than 10.

Traditions are nice but sometimes you just have to adapt.

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  1. It must have been different not having your boys there- I hope Miss L had a great Christmas morning! I love watching little ones see their presents for the first time.

    Marlyas last blog post..Abbey’s doll

  2. I don’t understand kids who aren’t up at 4am. One of my Christmas eve traditions is to stay with a girlfriend of mine so I can enjoy Christmas morning with her daughter. She slept in too – I just don’t get it. (Then again, even as an adult, I’m up at 5am.)

    Sounds nice though – quiet and easy.

    Vickis last blog post..Living Alone

  3. Yes…flexibility is a must isn’t it? We’re nuts over here, even my 95 year old grandmother has trouble sleeping through the night on Christmas!! Rich thought it was odd…I know it’s just the excitement and anticipation of all the magic of the season…

    sadiras last blog post..Holiday Presence :: Wrap Up

  4. Hi Mary!
    Wow, I bet that was different with just the 3 of you!
    New season in your life…before you know it, they will be graduating from college and off to get married.Right?!

    I am cherishing every minute now that both of mine are in high school…really fly’s by the older they get…my empty nest day is coming too!!!

    Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by:)

    kayellens last blog post..Snow Holiday

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