Tiny Trees

I’m plugging away on my Christmas gift list still, which is great for my gift pile but not so productive on the blogging front. So look for a slew of Crafty Christmas Countdown posts here in the next few days as I wrap up this year’s blog project in time for you to have all the inspiration you need for your Christmas lists.

I saw the cutest Christmas trees at Starbucks last year but didn’t want to plunk down the money for something I thought I could make. Instead, I picked up a papier mache tree form at Hobby Lobby, three sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, a paintbrush and some white paint, then made my own.

It’s so easy, but a little time consuming in a rather repetitive way. First, I painted the entire tree white. You don’t have to use white; I chose that color because the paper had white snowflakes and also because it coordinates with my decor. While the tree was drying, I cut each sheet of scrapbook paper into .5″x4″ strips.

I swiped a bit of Mod Podge on the top third or so of the back of each strip and adhered it to the tree, starting from the bottom and working around the perimeter of the tree. Each successive row overlaps the row below it slightly (I think I finally realized it worked best to overlap by about a half). I didn’t worry too much if the tree wasn’t covered completely because the cone is painted white.

The tip was the trickiest part but I just worked slowly around it and bent the paper gently so each piece wraps smoothly around the top of the tree.

After everything dried, I used the handle of my paintbrush to gently curl the loose ends of each paper strip. I’m planning to add some silver snowflake buttons to the top of the tree and maybe some glued white glitter to give it that shiny “snowy” appearance.

Not so much a lover of the paper tree? Then maybe you like it’s companion just a bit more. I stopped into the quilt shop one day to check out what was new and immediately fell in love with that little felt tree kit from Artgirlz. Is it not the cutest thing ever? I planned to put it up in my studio but Honey has fallen in love with it, so I think I’ll let him take it to work. It was nice to have something to work on during my Thurday night TV binge last week (Ugly Betty then Grey’s Anatomy — and please don’t get me started on that Izzie storyline. Ugh.) I just sat on the couch and stitched the felt balls and beads around the tree, kind of randomly and without a lot of worry other than trying to make sure I didn’t put two items of the same color right next to each other. It’d also make a nice project to stick in your purse and pull out for those times when you have to just sit and wait.

Thankful: 20. A craft store close enough to my house that I can run out to pick up more elastic when the 300 feet of it I know I own has gone missing.

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  1. So great Mary!
    My daughter would love to try this! We have been talking about a home made Christmas this year…trying to stay away from expensive store bought items…or modify or alter something:)we have already purchased.
    I will show her your darling trees when she get’s home from school!!!


    kayellens last blog post..Adding Special Touches

  2. What a great idea! Hmmm…I think I will have to add this project to my ever growing list of things to do. I am really excited about decorating for Christmas this year. I have a ton of ideas already. I want to make it extra special for the kids this year.

    Dawns last blog post..Time For Another Give-Away

  3. Oh yeah…I need a tutorial on that, lol. The tree is precious…I can’t believe it only took 3 sheets of paper. Ok…I’m doing it!

    Oh and I tagged you. Check out my blog for the rules. Oh and maybe you can help me figure out how to post the avatar too oh, techmaster!


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