Kimono Cutie

Remember my string of sewing disasters? This top is actually made with the same dress pattern that went so horribly awry a couple of months ago.

I took a chance that it would work in a woven since it called for a zipper and I’m delighted that I was right. I also sized down, which was again the right choice to make. Whew! I feel so much better about this pattern after sewing it successfully.

The top is made with an Alexander Henry fabric (Kimono Cuties, IIRC) that’s been hanging out in my stash for a while. I’d actually wanted to make a top this style but hadn’t found a pattern I liked (and really was too lazy to draft my own). It’s always gratifying when something turns out like I’d envisioned. Plus it’s just a nice easy-to-sew casual outfit that Miss L can where to school or wherever (including the birthday party that preceded this picture).

The pants are just a basic elastic-waist pant with ruffles. The fabric is a cute corduory polka dot from Joann’s. I wish I’d bought more when I had the chance because neither of the stores near me has it in stock any longer and it’s a nice basic to use instead of a solid cord. (I’m hardly deprived in the cord department; I have a shelf of nothing but corduroy and Sarah has just stocked a bunch of Robert Kaufman cord at the shop*.)

Thankful: 15. Cool craft fairs, catching up with friends and an awesome birthday party celebration. 16.  Lazy Sundays. 17. Sunny afternoons watching my daughter ride her bike in the cul de sac. 18. My texting plan. So much easier to communicate with my teen across a crowded room! 19. The heated mattress pad on our bed during these unseasonably cold mornings.

* Through Nov. 30, readers of my blog can save 20% at! Follow the link and the coupon will automatically be added to your cart. Thanks, Sarah!

13 Replies to “Kimono Cutie”

  1. This outfit is so cute. I miss the days when I could dress my daughter in adorable clothing. I think the top is amazing. Also, thanks for your advice on my blog. My email bounced back when I replied to your comments. I was just saying thank you and I’m chucking the books.

  2. Very Cute!! Your daughter looks absolutely delighted to be modeling this one. FYI though, you’re in trouble once she hits high school–those boys will be swarmin’ around that little honey pot!

    Heathers last blog post..The Thrifty Fifty!

  3. So cute! Good call on the kimono fabric I love it! You are getting me closer to wanting to sew clothes for my little girl, that i saying a lot!

    Oh and did I read that right? you have a teen? that belongs to you? are you sure your old enough?

    Love your sewing as always!

    elizabeths last blog post..Sneek peek!

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