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I have been indulging in a bit of recreational sewing lately, vs. sewing for hire. It has been a nice change of pace after being so busy the past few months (not that I’m complaining!) and I’m really loving (mostly) what I’ve been working on.

My love for Sugar Snap by Melissa Averinos knows no bounds. I don’t remember the last time I was in love with an entire line of fabric and wanted to sew with every piece — and it’s not hard to do with this line since there are only 15 prints. (BTW, if you’re in the Atlanta area, Sarah has the entire line in stock at Intown Quilters.) It is just so fun and I love the colors. The bag on the left is Sandi Henderson‘s Market Bag pattern. It’s the first time I’ve made it and I really messed up where the straps connect, so it’s good that you can’t see it. I think if I make the bag again, I’ll try home dec fabric and skip the canvas interfacing. It was just really bulky to work with in some spots. Plus? I’m lazy and would rather not spend time basting canvas to fabric if I could be putting something together.

The dress on the right is too darned cute for words. It’s from a Japanese sewing book and I thought it was a great match for the print. I like that it can be layered over long sleeves or worn without when the weather warms up. Actually, that’s why I cut out the size 4 instead of the 3 (Miss L’s usual size) — I’m hoping she won’t have outgrown it by the time spring rolls around. Oh, and it’s also for the Trendy Textiles launch on Etsy next week, which is all about Sugar Snap. (Yep, that means it’ll be in my shop, as a custom-sized item.)

When I was at Market, I picked up the cutest new pattern from Indygo Junction. LOVE! The Teatime Coat (far left) is super cute and sewed up pretty quickly, too. I think I managed to cut it out and nearly finish sewing it in about three hours. I did have to do some modifications/alterations to the pattern and I’m going to be detailing those elsewhere (I’ll throw up the link when it’s available), but it was nothing major. And, oh, did it turn out nicely. I want one of these in my size!

The scarf (above right) is sewn with the leftover fabric from Liesl’s coat (Anna Maria Horner’s Drawing Room home dec line). It’s backed with flannel and I added cute pompom trim to each of the short ends. Even though it’s shown on my child’s dress form, it’s actually made for grownups. The pattern is included in Cassie Barden’s book, The New Handmade, which is available tomorrow. I’m planning to sew several more things from her book in the very near future and also hope to teach at least one class from the book at the IQ in the next couple of months.  The scarf was a perfect project (took maybe 30 minutes total) and awesome for using up leftover fabric.

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  1. WOW That’s a bunch of sewing. If you try the bag again you could try fusible fleece to the outside fabric – iron on so no pinning- Yaay and then use a decor bond or other fusible interfacing on the lining – that way your bag will have stiffness but it will be ALOT easier to sew than all that bulky canvas. Great stuff – i love that little coat!

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  2. I love that dress!!!! well done Mary! I am still thinking on what to do with my sugar snap tidbits from market. i think I may need to buy some more yardage to go with! Great Ideas! Love your stuff!

  3. OMgosh, I love your outfits, the dress, the jacket I love them. Please tell me, how did the japanese pattern go? I mean, I have seen the pic’s of the pattern and I am just not sure my brain can deal with that. Is is really easy to figure out how to sew with the directions? It is so sad, because I greatly admire all of the Japanese designs that I see. Simple and elegant.

    jenns last blog post..Still grateful and swap updates…

  4. Go Mary…you have been so busy! I LOVE that dress. I have that book too…love everything in it!

    And that print is my favorite from that collection…I am regretting not ordering any. 🙁

  5. It’s true, you HAVE been busy! I love that Teatime coat. I bought a tunic pattern from Indygo and I’m excited to try it. I don’t normally sew clothing, so we’ll see how that goes. I can’t wait to see what else you sew up from the book! That scarf looks great in Drawing Room, those colors are yummy 🙂

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