Market Goodies

Just a few things I brought home from Market. I still have a bag full of promotional stuff — mostly brochures and fliers — but these were some of the things I thought I’d share.

  1. Ten-piece fat quarter bundle of Citronella by Sandra Banava for Robert Kaufman, purchased at Sample Spree on Friday night. I couldn’t resist!
  2. Batik luggage tags from Hoffman California Fabrics.
  3. Sandi Henderson‘s brochure for her beautiful line of patterns. Have you bought yours yet? (I have!)
  4. Flower Fairies flier from the Michael Miller SchoolHouse, introducing the line of fabrics featuring the work of Cicely Mary Barker.
  5. Tina Givens‘ new lines of fabrics for FreeSpirit. She also had her new patterns at Market and I have to say they are some of the neatest, most unique things I’ve seen for kids and women. Sarah ordered all of the existing patterns for the shop and Tina has some more on the way. You’re going to want to check them out. Really.
  6. Apron from Island Batiks.
  7. Super cool purse handles from Hobby & Land. Sheree and I were drawn to this booth and bumped into Jonah there. I swear, I could have spent tons of money if I’d been inclined. As it was, I managed to limit myself to just the one purse frame/handle and just need to pick out the perfect fabrics for it.
  8. Fat quarter stack from Paris Bebe that I picked up at Sample Spree. I’d seen some of the fabrics online and never bought them but there was no leaving them when I found them Friday night. “Buy me, Mary!” they cried.
  9. Trust me when I say you’re going to want this book. Cassie Barden’s The New Handmade is going to be hot, hot, HOT. Lots of cute patterns: bags, things for the home, cute gifty things. Oh, and Cassie is just about the sweetest thing ever! (She comes by it naturally; her mom is just as great!). The little blue thing on top of the book is a fabric cuff Cassie handed out at her SchoolHouse. (It’s also one of the projects in the book.)
  10. Elinor Peace Bailey‘s SchoolHouse was such fun. I can’t even convey how entertaining it was. She is so cool and I have to tell you, she was so willing to give advice and share her expertise related to the business. I was just in awe that someone would do that. This is her new line of fairy fabric for P&B Textiles. I also won a cute little fairy — made by Elinor — but it was appropriated by Miss L. Elinor also showed off a great block of the month quilt that I really liked, made with her new fabric.
  11. Charlotte charm square pack (by Debbie Beaves for RJR Fabrics) with Charlotte’s Applique Blocks pattern.
  12. Heather Bailey debuted her new line of patterns. I went to her SchoolHouse and got to see the finished products in person. These are going to be really popular, I’m sure. I especially liked the reversible purse pattern (and the magnets in the handle are super cool).
  13. Jay McCarroll is my new best friend. Seriously. When I told him my oldest child was almost 18, he told me that he couldn’t believe it because I only looked 25 years old. He gave out a free “Cute Tote Bag” pattern with grommets at his SchoolHouse, and gave out the coolest pins at his booth (in addition to autographing photos of himself). You’re going to see his new lines of fabric for FreeSpirit everywhere after it comes out. It’s just that cute. Kind of Japanese whimsy that will appeal to kids, teens and kids at heart.
  14. My super cool Fabric Addict pin, courtesy of Myrinda at
  15. Brochure featuring Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass for Michael Miller. I will be playing with this fabric for a long, long time. You might recognize the outfit in the bottom right corner of the right page of the brochure. I was so excited that I turned to the complete stranger next to me and squealed, “I made that!” I think she changed seats shortly after.
  16. Patty Young‘s Andalucia brochure and bookmark. Patty is so much fun! Although I think I freaked her out when I tried to sneak off with one of the samples for her booth (Traci has photographic evidence of this, BTW). It was all in good fun, but then Myrinda and I had to duke it out over the outfit and I lost quite pitifully.
  17. Tote bag from the Seven Islands booth after Sarah placed her order for the most gorgeous Japanese fabric. I can’t wait until it comes in!
  18. Robyn Pandolph’s new Sumptuous Living fabrics for RJR Fabrics. They are really lovely and have the most amazing hand. Some of the blue colorway reminds me of Jottum’s Rembrandt line. And there are solids to match!
  19. New Fairy Frost charm squares from Michael Miller, from the SchoolHouse goodie bag.
  20. Magazines from the CK Media booth. I actually went to Mark Lipinski‘s SchoolHouse and he told the most riotous story about buying and wearing a girdle. I was in tears! I had him autograph a magazine for Taffy; he wrote “Quilt naked, Cupcake!’
  21. The new Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion featuring Amy Butler‘s house on the cover. Nabbed in the Amy Butler booth. I was too chicken to actually go meet Amy Butler but I have a magazine. Yep, I’m lame.
  22. Postcard promoting Heather Ross‘s upcoming book, Weekend Sewing. I actually did go introduce myself to her (at the urging of Sarah’s Westminster rep) and had a nice little chat with her. The book is simply gorgeous and full of projects that can be completed in a weekend (or a little less). It doesn’t come out until March, so make note of it now because it’s going to be “the” book to add to your sewing shelf come spring.
  23. Not Your Grandmother’s Log Cabin looks like a fun book and I really like the Q Tools Sewing Edge the author demonstrated. It’s like using a Post-it note or masking tape as a guide on your sewing machine except it’s taller and creates a firmer edge for guiding your fabric under the presser foot evenly without pins.
  24. Cute little Flower Fairy fabric bag the folks at Michael Miller filled with chocolate-covered espresso beans for their SchoolHouse. It was the last one of the day and the caffeine was greatly welcomed.
  25. Layer cake of fabrics from Timeless Treasures.
  26. Sample spool of thread from the Provencia booth. I’m looking forward to giving it a try!
  27. Fat quarters of Melissa Averinos‘s Sugar Snap line of fabrics for FreeSpirit, along with a bracelet for the company’s new line of home goods. I have been reading Melissa’s blog for a while an have corresponded with her a little by email and I have to tell you that she is exactly like that in real life. Funny and sweet and very, very real — even admitting in her SchoolHouse how nervous she was about talking in front of a room full of strangers. (She did fabulously, though.) Her line is even more beautiful in person and I can’t wait to start sewing with it. (We actually have a Trendy Textiles launch coming up with it in a couple of weeks.) Melissa was also kind enough to talk with me about my own aspirations and how I should go about making that happen, and I’m incredibly grateful for her advice.
  28. My “I Remember” block of the month quilt set from Rosalie Quinlan Designs. I have had my eye on that pattern ever since Rosie debuted it and I was so excited she had the set at the Melly & Me booth. I also have Melly’s new fairytale-inspired block of the month pattern on the way and can’t wait to make it.
  29. Indygo Junction‘s new Teatime Dress & Coat pattern, which I grabbed at Sample Spree. I really like the IJ patterns. The size range is broad, the instructions are easy to follow and the results are perfect, every time. I love how this pattern looks (they had samples up at their booth) and that the instructions include how to repurpose an old pair of jeans to make the jacket.

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  1. People don’t believe me when I say Market is like one big Trick-or-treating for quilters! Great booty, Mary. Especially the Hobby & Land purse handles… I love those! Best purse gizmo ever!

  2. Mary—! You are too kind to offer to donate some fabric, I will definitely take you up on that if we do a project like this again. Thank you, thank you! Also, I am VERY jealous that you met Jay and had such a nice interaction with him. Congrats on your great time!


    nichols last blog post..Alex Project #3 and My Job

  3. aw, mary. thank you for the lovely writeup. It was a pleasure spending time with you- I could listen to that sexy-laryngitis voice all day. Plus you wrote me love letters. I mean, I kind of made you, but you did it.
    Dang it, I would have introduced you to Amy B if I had known you didn’t and wanted to! But, the most important thing is that you weren’t chicken when it counted, right? Happy to help and encourage any time.

    melissa@yummygoodss last blog post..270: my name in plastic

  4. Is that ALL you got?? LOL!! I think all the swag we collect is almost as good as placing fabric orders!! I’m very jealous of the Sugar Snap fat quarters!

  5. What an awesome collection–and I love that you numbered and explained each one! Can’t wait to see what you do with the purse handles–I also have a feeling that the sample pieces will be rendered into some kind of fantastical item!!

    Octamoms last blog post..Cookin’ with Octamom!

  6. Thanks for the lovely write-up, Mary! Love seeing the goodies your brought back. I went a bit nuts at Hobby & Land, but I tried to restrain myself since I bought a ton last fall and haven’t made a dent! I can’t wait to see what you do with Melissa’s fat quarters. I got a pack from her too and can’t wait to dig in.

  7. Everything looks amazing. I am so envious. I absolutely LOVE the IJ pattern and it’s a Have to Have!!!! Any idea when it’s going to be available? You were so right when you said I would want it for Abby!

    Dawns last blog post..Special Mommy & Henry Time

  8. I saw this post yesterday and was reading through it but wanted to go back and finish reading every little thing before I commented! First, I can’t wait to check out the Home Companion Mag… I love that mag and can’t wait to see what Amy Butler’s house looks like…lol. AND let me know if you like those Heather Bailey patterns… I saw those! Last and final thing- can’t wait to see what you do with the fairy-tale inspired block of the month… now that I have my little princess to sew for, this may be something that I want to check ou too! 🙂 (Oh, and i TOTALLY love the organization of this post. WOW!!!)

    Jessicas last blog post..He loves her.

  9. Oh, you got some goodies there girl! I am still drooling over the handles! I can hardly wait to put them to use!!! Can’t wait til next year. You have to stay with me…then we can stay up all night drooling over the days goodies together!lol

    sherees last blog post..Asking For Prayers, Please!

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