The Wee Wide Web

As much as I craft and sew — and blog about the same — it’s probably only natural to think I talk about it all the time, too.

That’s not quite true.

While I do talk about it with those who know me, I really don’t go out of my way to bring it up when I talk to other people. No surprise that it catches me off guard when I end up talking about sewing with another crafty gal.

Take Wednesday. As often happens, I was working on a project while I sat in the ballet studio, waiting for Miss L. Another mom asked me what I was working on, which also happens rather often. What does not happen as often is that the other mom also sews. Children’s clothing. And I know her label. And have seen her ads. She was so tickled that I recognized her company! It was really cool to get to chat with her, too, because — like my friend The Diva — she has gone the manufacturing route. (And, much like my sweet friend, also was at ENK in NYC last week. Talk about a small world!) I really hope to get to talk to her again, because she seemed really cool and kind of fun, too.

Today, the charming Miss L accompanied me to the Georgia Quilt Show so we could do a little browsing (and maybe a little shopping). While there, we stopped into the Some Art Fabrics booth because I wanted to check out the Melly & Me patterns (the only retailer near me who carries them). I was flipping through the patterns, in fact, when SAF owner Colleen came over to introduce herself, admitting that she recognized my daughter from my blog. (Note to self: Never again leave house sans makeup, somewhat respectable clothing and my hair did.) We got to chat for a few minutes but then Liesl decided to get herself lost and my attention was necessarily diverted.

I definitely enjoy these “it’s a small world” moments — especially when I get to meet such cool crafty gals!

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  1. Oh, that’s so great when it happens. I typically get looky lurkers coming into the store when I have my beads out working out something from my head and they distract me by touching the “pretty beads.” Ugh. I have to stop myself from screeching No! at them because I work with wire most of the time. The more you introduce human oil to metal, the faster it tarnishes. Average people don’t get that. Besides, if it’s beads they touch while I’m not looking, they are always picking them up to study them and then putting them down in the wrong place and I lose the design I work hours to create in my head. It’s most maddening. Joe told me to stop playing with my beads at work if it bugs me so much. Can you imagine what he got for dinner that night?! A-yup. A big plate of nothing! 🙂

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  2. I was standing in Kinokuniya over here, and another lady made a comment about my bag of fabric (from a well known discount chain here), and next thing I know, I find out she is a blogger I had seen featured on another blog a few weeks ago!! SUCH a small world!

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  3. Oh how neat. I don’t find too many people that sew like I do either, so it’s not an everyday topic. Although all the teachers at Kyra’s school know I sew and crochet so her hats always find their way home even if they don’t have her name in them LOL.

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