I love this little corduroy dress. I sewed it (and shared it) back in August, shortly after finishing it. Of course, I knew it would be a while before that sweet Miss L could wear it, since fall doesn’t arrive in Atlanta until mid-October — and even then we still get plenty of 80+ degree days into November.

Kids have a funny way of growing. Even my little pea, who is so tiny and grows so slowly.

I put this cute, round-neck dress on my sweetheart this morning and found that it is no longer a dress. Nope, it’s now tunic length. It once hit right below her knee caps. It is now 1.5 inches above her knees — and if she raises her arms, it’s like a night on the town with attention-hungry TV reality stars.

Good thing she can still wear it over pants — although I may need to make some more of those, now that I think about it.

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  1. I am sitting here making Christmas PJ’s for 19 grandkids and you show me this now to remind me?!? I guess I better go bigger on them.

  2. it’s sooo adorable! I am planning on making something similar, only I can’t stand sewing on a curve so I’m making separate straps to sew on and will button in the front.

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