Festival Faves

One of the great things about living here is all the cool stuff there is to do on the weekends (and sometimes during the week). My favorite festival takes place every September and it worked out that Honey and I could head over there with Miss L on Friday, thus missing the massive crowds on the weekend.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Yellow Daisy Festival and I think there were more booths and vendors than I’ve seen before (we’ve been going the past five years). Just all kinds of great arts and crafts to check out, plus tons of food for sampling. I admitted to Honey as we were leaving that I spend more money at this festival than any other we attend. It’s just that great.

Every year, I hit up the Logan Turnpike Mill booth to re-stock our supply of Pioneer Porridge, grits and biscuit and panckage mixes. Everything tastes fabulous and I love how it’s made locally. Definitely worth the back ache I get hauling it to the car. (It’s always our last stop for that reason!)

One of our other must-dos is stopping by the booth of silhouette portrait artist Igor Nasibyan and having him cut a silhouette of Miss L. He’s done one every year and we’re thrilled to add a fourth to our collection. The bunny was not very cooperative this year but she did manage to sit still long enough for him to work.

I had a blast browsing Carol’s wares at the Kidbodies booth. She makes such beautiful clothes for girls and moms, and it was tough to narrow down our purchase to just one outfit. But Liesl was head over heels for this great pink crown tank (I’ll layer it over a black tee when it cools down here), so it and the great matching pants came home with us (along with a Kidbodies logo tank). And it was nice to get to chat with Carol. She’s just amazing and so sweet!

One of the coolest experiences of our visit was meeting Bronwyn Hanahan and her husband, who are from the same area where I grew up. I actually recognized her work from some local boutiques, so that made it especially cool to get to meet her. We added one of her lovely Christmas tree ornaments to our collection, personalized with L’s name and the year.

I’ve had to hide the little treasure I bought from The Bohemian Mushroom, a beautiful copper and ceramic mushroom that I’ll be adding to our garden. It seems a certain little blond cutie thinks it is hers. Yeah, nooooo. LOL!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic outing! Loved the mushrooms (though I would have shared the ones I managed to grow in my petunia pot) and Miss L’s pants are the bomb! (Don’t I sound hip–I’ve already had my second cup of coffee…) Looking forward to perusing more of the links you provided to these vendors–your taste is always spot-on!

    Octamoms last blog post..Monday Musings…Is Eight Enough?….

  2. Sounds like my kind of festival!!!! Love the silhouette! Maybe you should post a pic of all 4? Can you tell much difference? There’s a lady that does pencil drawings at the gypsy fair but haven’t been back in yonks! Maybe should try next time.

    Christis last blog post..House Quandary

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