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It wasn’t until after we moved to Atlanta eight years ago that we heard of Dragon*con, the annual Labor Day weekend gathering of sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts and creators. Since Honey and I share a love for many things sci-fi and/or fantasy related, we were eager to go and check out all the event had to offer.

Somehow, we managed to not make it there for eight consecutive years. Sometimes it was a money issue; often, we just had other plans (usually involving out-of-town trips to see family).

This year, however, we finally made it down there, and all I can say is WOW.

The event was expected to attract about 30,000 people to downtown Atlanta this weekend, many of them wearing some type of costume or fan wear. It was incredibly overwhelming and fairly overstimulating for me. There’s just so much to see at once and the volume level is unreal. I’ve been home about two hours now and my head still feels all poundy, like I went to a concert and stood too close to the amps. Still, it was an amazing experience and we’re already making plans to go next year.

We did not pre-register and I won’t do that again because it meant standing in line for an hour to just pay and get our badges. But within about two minutes of walking through the door, I saw one of my earliest fantasy fiction heroes, Anne McCaffrey.  She was sitting outside one of the halls, singing autographs. Anne McCaffrey! Signing autographs!

Other celeb sightings? Walter Koening of Star Trek and Babylon5 fame, as well as one of the dudes from Ghosthunters. Don’t ask me what his name is; I don’t watch that show. But my dad does and is a huge fan (I have no idea why; I’m just glad I didn’t inherit his crappy taste in TV) so I took a picture of the back of his head.

As neat as the celebrities are, though, the really cool thing is to just people watch. I saw two Sweeney Todds, a platoon of Storm Troopers, his-and-hers Darth Vaders, the coolest Wizard of Oz quartet ever (Dorothy was MIA) and a flotilla of pirates, all of whom my daugher had to greet and ask if they were married. There also were a number of … interesting costumes, which a huge number of male attendees found creative and inspiring. I don’t have the body to wear a chain-mail thong bikini but I can’t imagine it’s comfortable.

I’m not sure how thrilled Honey is with my plans for next year (“We’re going every day! And different costumes every day! And you’re going to wear a combat kilt!”) but I know we’re both ready to make Dragon*con an annual tradition.

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  1. That looks and sounds like fun! My son would have loved to see Ironman.

    The dresses you made below are wonderful. You picked out some very charming prints for them. I’m so glad I stumbled onto your blog the other day–you’re keeping me inspired!

    Amy @ quixoticpixelss last blog post..Success

  2. Awesome!–okay, have you seen the documentary Trekkies? You would LOVE it–it’s all about folks who are WAY into Star Trek and the conventions they attend. You may not have inherited your dad’s taste in tv, but this docu. is just amazing!
    Can’t wait to see the costumes that you, Oh Crafty One, come up with!

    Octamoms last blog post..

  3. Heehee… ever since I got into the whole sci-fi/fantasy thing, I’ve thought those would be a lot of fun to attend. Mainly because of the costumes. I love excuses to make costumes.

    As for the people-watching, midnight movie openers are good for that too. I think the best one I ever went to was for Revenge of the Sith–so many fun costumes for that! Spiderman 3 was fun too– I didn’t dress up because it was the end of a grad school semester and I didn’t have time, but two of the friends I went with dressed up as MJ and Gwen Stacey. And then there was a guy in the theater in a full Spidey suit, so I took a picture of the three of them together. The rest of the movie-goers were quite amused!

    Beckys last blog post..Friday Favorites, Episode 22 (the very short edition)

  4. Becky, that sounds like so much fun! I really have gotten the costume bug now, although my favorite part right now is to tease the boys that I’m going to wear a chain mail bikini and thong.

  5. It was awesome, Heidi. Honey and I have been talking about it on and off all day. And both boys have been sketching and talking costumes. I don’t think they realize how much sewing they’ll have to do. LOL!

  6. OMG! You got to meet Anne McCaffrey? She’s my favorite Sci-Fi Author. My Mom started me reading her Pern Dragon Series and that’s where I found my love of Sci-Fi/Fantasy books and have never turned back :). Too cool!
    I’ve always wanted to attend one of the “-cons”, but have been way too chicken.
    Costume making is so fun. I love the challenge of piecing together diferent patterns to come up with them. I think that is why Halloween is my favorite holiday. I seriously need to scan my Sailor Moon costume picture and show you. You’d get a kick out of it.
    And that’s awesome that Miss L loved it too 🙂 Did your boys go with you too?

  7. That sounds like fun. I want to see people all dressed up. We wanted to go to I can’t remember the name of the con this year but other plans got in the way. Maybe next year.

  8. Comicon? Not sure how close that one is to you but I think fairly. Of course, I have no sense of geography so it could be on the other end of the state from you.

    Anyway, you definitely need to dress up. You’d make the coolest costumes!

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