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I love reading Devilish Southern Belle for many reasons (she’s a bit sassy, has teenage boys, has great taste in music and happens to be from my home state) including the fact that she loves techy-geeky things as much as I do. It never fails that she installs some cool plug in or widget on her blog that I then covet.

She’s the reason I’ve installed two new things: a comment highlighter and an email responder. The two more or less work together so I can respond to comments directly on my blog and the design of my responses stands out just a bit so you can see my posts.

I started using it last night and, while I think it needs a little tweaking, it seems to be working pretty nicely. I’m hoping to figure out how to get my comments to appear immediately below the one to which I’m responding.

There’s also a new toy in the sidebar. Yes, I’ve started to Twitter. Blame Lady M and The Diva. It’s quite addictive, which is exactly what I need when I have so much fighting for my attention. We’ll have to see how long I keep up with it — and how long I can keep it actually working in my sidebar since it’s already been a little erratic.

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  1. Aw, thank you for your compliments! I love coming by here to read you, too, and see what nifty things you’re making 🙂

    If you figure out how to get your responses to nest beneath the comment you’re responding to, let me know. I already tried that with a nesting comment response plugin, but it was a lot of trouble and I didn’t like how that looked, either.

    Devilish Southern Belles last blog post..Throwing salt over my shoulder

  2. I love twitter (and I am now stalking…errr….following you) I really need to figure out all this blog business because I want mine to look better than it does.

  3. Very cool additions–I’ll be anxious to see how you think it goes as I’ve been considering making some modifications as well—

    I’ve been twittering–but I did end up taking it out of my sidebar as it was jamming things up a bit–but this was a couple of months ago, so that snarl may have been worked out by this point–
    I’ll have to look for ya!

  4. My blog runs on the WordPress engine; the WordPress site has a ton of downloadable plugins and widgets. If you search for those two names, you can find them.

  5. You have no idea, Sadira. I can even send and receive from my cellphone but turned off receiving really quick since I only have 200 text messages a month.

  6. Right now I’m trying out a Twitter widget I downloaded from WordPress. The fact that it’s pretty seamless with my sidebar (which has soooo much stuff in it) was a huge plus.

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