Olympic Fever

We have been watching the Olympics here pretty much nightly. Honey is a huge fan and watches as much as humanly possible, which means I’ve seen more than my fair share of badminton, dressage and rowing. But we’ve also seen some pretty awesome Olympic moments, like Michael Phelps winning eight gold medals — which was pretty darned awesome.

For me, I think two of the most significant competitions involved Dara Torres and Constantina Tomescu-Dita. By now everyone has heard of Torres who, at 41, is competing in her fifth Olympics and arguably in the best shape of her life. It was a little disappointing that she didn’t win gold but two silver medals is nothing to sneeze at. Tomescu-Dita absolutely owned the women’s marathon, winning a gold medal at the young age of 38. (Silver medalist Catherine Ndereba, who is reigning world champion, is 36.)

Part of watching the Olympics for me is marveling at the feats done by young, world-class athletes. This year, however, has been as much about finding inspiration in my peers. Torres, Tomescu-Dita and Ndereba are my contemporaries, not teenagers or 20-somethings. It’s hard not to be a little awed, and also to wonder what I could still accomplish even now at the ripe “old” age of 37 (at least for another two months).

One of my favorite quotes comes from a news story about Torres and her wins:

“If it helps anyone else out there who is in their middle aged years, [who] maybe put off something they thought they could not do because they were too old. Or maybe thought because they have children that they can not balance what they want to do and being a parent,” she said. “If that can help anyone out there to show what I have done and that you can do it, then I am absolutely thrilled.”

Maybe I won’t be heading off to the Olympics anytime soon but I’m more fired up than ever to follow my dreams, whatever they may be.

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  1. I loved the interview with her after their last relay when the reporter asked her what she would tell her young daughter about the Olympics when she was older – Dara said she would tell her you can’t put an age limit on your dreams – what a great example to the rest of us!!

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  2. “Honey is a huge fan and watches as much as humanly possible…” Same here. I don’t know if I would turn the TV on myself, but with my Sweety turning it on whenever we are home to watch the Olympics I’ve seen more of the Olympics than I think I would have. Not that I’m not intrested, it’s all amazing.

  3. Oh…I am so proud of Phelps, but since I haven’t been watching…I have to catch it on the news or the net. I am just so happy with all the “older” women that are kickin some tushie out there too! I actually caught the last part of the women’s marathon when I was out Saturday night and was just amazed!!

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  4. We have our DVR’d, but end up watching snippets here and there. Since Giggles is a huge horse fan we watch a lot of the Equestrian stuff. I love watching those events because they consider the younger crowd that is in most everything else to be “babies” and “newbies” And they are always surprised if they do well because they don’t have the knowledge and experience that other more seasoned riders have.

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  5. You are so right Mary..what an inspiring quote!

    It does give us all hope to finish the race… and never give up in life or on our goals…

    Have a wonderful week!


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