Headless No More

Meet Maureen, my Pullip.

I felt like a proper introduction was in order, after sharing her in a less-than-flattering shape a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to a helpful friend, I purchased an Obitsu body for her and now she’s ready for some fun.

Maureen is a Little Red Riding Hood Pullip and has the most beautiful red hair and green eyes. Her stock costume doesn’t fit this body — it’s a little bit bigger — so I ran to the store and picked up a Barbie dress for her to wear until I can sew something for her. Boy, have Barbie clothes changed in the past 30 years. I had a rough time finding something that I could actually stomach. Definitely need to make this girl some clothes.

I was surprised to find myself interested in Pullips at all. I’ve found dolls, in general, rather creepy since watching Poltergeist as a youngster. (I’d rather not relive that particular horror, so I’m not going into details here.) Cruising Flickr gave me the chance to see a world I’d never before imagined and I soon found myself daydreaming about owning a Pullip. It wasn’t long before I started looking at online stores and finally buying one.

Of course, it then took more than a year for me to break her out of her box. Why? I’m not totally sure. I wanted the time to devote to sewing for her and taking pictures, but never found a big enough chunk to let me do either. The day Miss L found my poor, boxed LRRH, she insisted I open her right then. Who can say no to a bossy three-year-old?

And now I’m thinking Maureen needs a friend, preferably someone with curly hair. Guess I’ve found another hobby.

8 Replies to “Headless No More”

  1. I love her face. I’ve never heard of a Pullip before. Are they from Japan? Something about her face screams Japan to me. Maybe it’s that extra white skin like geisha’s had.

    Beths last blog post..The Winner!

  2. She’s very cute! Fabulous pic of her! I’ve never heard of them either. I tried finding somewhere online to buy to see what they cost but didn’t find much. Probably doing a bad search lol.

    Christis last blog post..I Want to Share

  3. Is a Pullip like a Blythe doll? I’m with you… dolls are a tad creepy — but a year or so ago, I discovered this website: http://orriettacat.livejournal.com/ and I have to say, I find her Blythe doll creations kind of cool. Like you, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting one… I think the only thing holding me back is what in the world my husband would say. He’d probably think I’d lost it.

    Jens last blog post..Lucky 13

  4. I’ve always wanted a Blythe or Pullip doll. She’s cute. I’m glad you were able to resurrect her 🙂
    (You should make her other bodysome sort of headless horsewoman statue or something…but that is kinda on the creapy side of the doll lifestyle.)

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