Fast, Fun Feliz

I have been itching to get my hands on this pattern, the latest from Studio Tantrum. It’s the Feliz party dress and it just looks like such a fun pattern. When my friend Dawn started raving about it, I knew it would be a hit with me, too, since the two of us are pretty in sync when it comes to sewing.

I was not disappointed.

I had this dress cut and sewn in about an hour. My biggest challenge was finding two coordinating fabrics with enough yardage. The under dress requires a little more than a yard; I usually only buy about a yard of anything I sew for L because she’s so petite. I actually have a striped coordinate for the floral fabric but only a scant yard of it — and no hoping and rearranging of pattern pieces was going to make it magically long enough. Good thing I had so much of this polka dot (which I loooove); it’s a perfect match and really makes the orange pop.

The only thing I’m less-than-happy about is the elastic panel in the back of the underdress. The little miss was still asleep so I just winged it on the elastic. It’s turned out a little too roomy. It’s OK; I’ll adjust it next time. And it gives her a little growing room so she can wear it next summer as a longer top.

Actually that’s one of the things I think is cool about the pattern — it definitely grows with your child. It can be worn as a dress one year, a top the next and the designer says the straps can be removed and it worn as a skirt to get another year’s use out of it.

I’m going to cut and sew another one after dinner to send to my niece as a birthday gift, and I have a few more in mind for my sweetie with more fall transitional fabrics. Or maybe some of the summer ones I still haven’t gotten around to sewing.

(BTW, if you’re looking for the pattern, Fabric Hound, Bunte Fabrics, Banberry Place and Sewzanne’s all have it or have it on the way.)

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  1. Very pretty. Is the under dress attached to the top piece?

    And I am the same with fabric. I usually only buy a yard because I’m making things for Isabelle. But when I started making myself clothes it was so disappointing. I’d want to use something from my stash but a yard isn’t going to be enough for me!

  2. I love your site! I’m a semi-addicted crafter and would like to upgrade my sewing machine. Do you have any suggestions? Something I can also do embroidery stitching with.

    aprils last blog post..9 Months Already!!

  3. no wonder you love it – it is amazing!!!! I LOVE this dress in the fabrics you have chosen, it is simply stunning!!!! You have inspired me to look for that pattern for this summer coming for baby floss – too cute, of course I want to make it in those exact fabrics – as you say they really pop!!

    Mellys last blog post..Nearly there..

  4. The combination of the orange and the turquoise blue just pops! I particularly like the design of the back of the dress–such a great frame of fabric and line.

    Octamoms last blog post..JPEG of the Week

  5. Oh Mary!
    That sun dress is so pretty!
    Your daughter is getting taller! and she is just darling!
    What a great dress for those hot summer days!

    You always inspire me with your sewing!


    kayellens last blog post..Shades of Gold

  6. I came across your site via a search for “Superscope Storyteller” books and tapes. I had several of them growing up, but we moved a lot (due to being in the army), so all I have left are two books and one tape that sort of works. I saw you left a comment on someone else’s blog about your having most of yours and wanting to put them onto CDs for your kids! This is so neat!

    I have put several of my old LPs onto CDs for our two children and they LOVE them. Sigh…if only I had every book, tape, and record from my childhood. I never thought of them as treasures back then.

    Megrets last blog post..The Bloggy Giveaways winner is….

  7. Simply beautiful! I love the two fabrics together! Can’t wait until my little one is big enough for this type of fun sewing! πŸ™‚

  8. oh sweet! ^5 girl! I have mine sitting here with Mendicino fabrics and just haven’t carved out the time yet.
    BTW-I don’t think I ever buy only 1 yard of anything πŸ˜‰ Usually at least 1 1/2, esp since the pattern calls for 54″ wide…I can’t wait to see it as a skirt too!!!

  9. Hey I just came across you blog when i was looking up the feliz dress to see if i could find some examples because i just bought the pattern and the picture on the front is hard to see… im glad to find more than one example here! I’m glad to hear its easy. I’ve never made a studio tantrum pattern before and I have to admit it’s scaring me a little πŸ™‚

    Jill Isons last blog post..Hello Amazing Friends

  10. Does anyone have any idea where I can purchase the Fledge Feliz Party Dress Pattern. I’ve been looking for it for a very long time now.

    Would greatly appreciate all help in locating this pattern.


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