Me and My Double Ds

Note from the author: If you arrived at my blog via an Internet search for “double ds,” you are going to be seriously disappointed. This is not that kind of post, or that kind of blog. I’m sure the next item in the results list is more to your liking. Best of luck to you!

Having children is a lot like putting your deepest, darkest secrets on the front page of the newspaper. Or 60 Minutes. Because, sooner or later, your kids will out you with whatever it is you’d rather no one know. If you’re lucky, it’s pretty innocuous or done in front of someone who’s kind enough to pretend not to hear. If not …

I have a little confession to make. I have quite the potty mouth. It’s one of the things Honey least likes about me and he’s really encouraged me to change my ways since the addition of child No. 3, aka The Sponge. In the past year or so, I’ve really worked at cleaning up my language. Part of it is due to that cute little Bitsy thing of mine, but also because someone made a comment that really stuck with me about cussing showing a lack of vocabulary (I’m paraphrasing — it was much more eloquent originally).

I’ve done fairly well but I’m not perfect. Most recently I blurted out The Mother of All Curse Words upon learning something shocking. My daughter promptly asked for clarification (I cut her off before she could say it and told her how wrong it was of Mommy to use that word).

Unfortunately for me, she opted to use Mommy’s two favorite words while she was playing last night. Yes, the dread Double Ds: dammit and dumbass.

She couldn’t just say them each once and let us wonder if we misunderstood. No, she had to make a song with them, a little girlie chant that made it clear she heard these words regularly. For about FIVE MINUTES.

Joshua and I tried to hide our faces since we were laughing so hard. Honey, on the other hand, gave me The Look, the one that says, “You are SO busted.”

Because I was.

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  1. Oh I hear you sister! My 2 sponges should not be allowed in the car or sewing room with me since that is when I slip up the most. No song yet but my 7 year old has let lose with a couple. I blame it on my dad, he curses like a sailor.

  2. Hehehe, you gotta laugh! And how clever she has come up with a song, do you remember how it went??? I’m not too bad but I get blamed if they say it. Lauryn like’s to repeat BIG time so I get to hear ‘don’t be a pain in the ass’ or ‘damn blah blah blah’ lol. Kamryn apparently said the f-word in school a while back but she was highly distraught that she probably won’t use it again for a good 6 years lol.

  3. oh Mary…I’m laughing so hard!

    I have the same problem with my DH always giving me “the look.”

    If you think you’re mouth is bad, add a little “NYC” to it and that’s me. Yep. I confess. I try, but living here, the main two word in my vocubulary are f’ing idiot, especially when driving.

    And when my kids try to repeat me, they get in big trouble, but whine, “why is it ok for Mommy to say?” And I reply, “Cause I drive and you don’t.” LOL

    With friendship,


  4. I totally disagree about foul language showing a lack of vocabulary. I use words like anathema and hebetudinous along with my curse words. If you know how to mix it up I think it shows creativity. lol…

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  5. while changing my son’s diaper in the car before running into the store, my daughter asked me what i was doing. i told her, “changing carson’s diaper” to which she replied, “oh my hell. . .” in exactly the same tone i use! i’m just waiting for her to say it at church or something!

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  6. Would you mind sharing the name of the lady you met at the Yellow Daisy Festival who makes painted signs and such for little girls rooms? Her first name is something like Browyn? She is from Dalton I think. I want to order something from her and now I can’t find her card. Thanks so much.
    Angela O’Neal

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