Please Pardon My Dust

I am attempting to fix the design issues with my blog. At any moment, I may give up and throw the old, messed up one back on. Thanks for your patience.

ETA: I’m done tinkering for the moment. If someone with IE could leave a comment or email me (mac at flourishes dot com) to let me know if thinks look OK or still look wonky, I’d appreciate it. 🙂

ETAA: Apparently the IE issue remains unsolved. Short of begging everyone to switch to a compatible browser (cough*cough*Firefox*cough*Safari), I’m at a loss. Any WordPress design experts wanna chime in? I changed all my pngs to jpgs and that’s still not changing things.

9 Replies to “Please Pardon My Dust”

  1. My vote goes to Safari. Please world… go Mac! If something’s buggy on my blog to someone… they are always IE users. Everything looks great here on my end.

    I’m a WordPress and Safari user too, so I’m of no help. I do though write my posts in Firefox. For some reason WP admin isn’t that same in Safari – less bells and whistles. Weird. Maybe one day Safari with catch up, or WordPress will catch up.

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