One Dress, Three Ways

Have you ever finished a project and just let out this huge sigh of relief? That’s basically what I did when I finished this dress.

It’s another Favorite Things pattern, the Little Prairie Dress. Not a particularly complex pattern and it sewed up pretty quickly.

My relief at completing it had more to do with its recipient than the challenge of sewing it. You see, the owner of the quilt shop where I teach asked me to sew this dress for her daughter. I was happy to do it but inwardly terrified. What if I messed up? What if it didn’t fit? What if — gasp! — they both hated it? I could just see my career as a teacher coming to a complete halt before it even had a chance to take off.

Yes, I get worked up over things sometimes. And, really, it was for nothing because they both loved the dress. And it fits quite nicely, despite the way it looks on my dress form. (That’s what happens when you put a size 11/12 dress on a size 4/5 dress form — LOL!)

She had given me two fabrics for the dickie part of the dress (that’s the little insert in the bodice) and told me she couldn’t decide between them. I opted to use both and stitched in snaps so they could be swapped out on a whim. There was so much fabric left over, I ended up making three headbands: One to match each dickie and one of the main dress fabric, in case she wanted to wear it over a cami instead.

I actually have this pattern myself, and had been planning to make something for both me and the little missy. Now that I’ve sewn up this one, I’ve got no excuse not to make it again.

Don’t forget — you’ve only got a couple of days left to enter my big 300th post giveaway. I’m enjoying all the questions everyone has posted and can’t wait to update my “About Me” page with them (and the responses, of course).

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  1. Although the handmade crafty holiday is a good one, I have to say that I am so sad that so much of the year is already gone! Time is flying this year and I had so many things that I wanted to do, I better start hurrying!

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