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  1. yeah…when Rich went to buy his new car (for good MPG, he’s keeping the truck for towing purposes) they said at the dealer they’re not taking ANY trade-ins hardly because they’re not selling. It makes me wonder now if people are going to be “stuck” with their old card (some of them not so old) sitting in their yards rotting while they dive the cars with good MPG? I mean, what are we going to do with all these big cars? It’s such a waste…

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  2. That is a hilarious photo. lol

    I wish we could afford a hybrid….sigh…Dh drives an average of 60 miles round trip each day of the week….And my car, which gets pretty good gas mileage, died last week of a fried engine. Now he’s back to temporarily driving the less efficient truck. It does do much better than 18 mpg though, not being a humongous truck.

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