This is Post

Whooooooooooo! And the crowd goes wild!

OK, well maybe not “wild.” How about “smiles enthusiastically”? LOL!

I’d really expected to do this post earlier in the week but life got away from me. Again.Β  I swear, this summer is just flying by — and dragging me behind it. I have not done any sewing in about a week, which is a nice break; I miss sewing and am ready to get back to it

In the interim, I have been working on a couple of other projects. One is about half done and requires yet another trip to The Home Depot. I swear, I’d be done with it already if I could ever manage to have everything I need with me when I go. Maybe I’ll dash over after lunch and get the last of the hardware so I can show off a finished project after the weekend.

While that one’s still in lumber limbo, I have managed to get another non-sewing project knocked out: the yummy ice cream sundae pincushion shown here. I’ve had this one in my head for months, ever since I did my first felting projects earlier this year. The only hold up was finding some white/cream wool roving — which I found on clearance at Michael’s this week. Score! The first cherry was about three times the size of this one. Oops! Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to make them and the replacement was ready and attached in no time. I used some of the Clover felting needles for the “chocolate syrup” and also to attach the cherry to the top. The sundae glass came from Goodwill. Fifteen cents!

I really have to thank everyone who suggested crafts for my blogiversary Try It! challenge. It gave me the nudge to try some new things (like felting), as well as some things I have not done for years. I’m slowly but surely working my way through the list and continuing to send out goodies to the winners from the related giveaway.

That doesn’t mean I can’t do another giveaway, though! It’s probably one of my favorite things about blogging. I’ve been lucky enough to win a few, so I think it’s especially important to give back to the blogging community with some goodies of my own. Originally, I was going to give away two things. But I like matchy numbers and had some things in mind, so this time around there are THREE prizes to win. Maybe that’s deserving of a cheer! hee!

First up is … a swag bag from the recent Indie Craft Experience held here in Atlanta. (Oh, hey look – it’s my stairs again!) The bag is printed with the ICE logo and event info, as well as that of major sponsor Craft magazine. (And we all love Craft, don’t we?) Inside are all the wonderful things that came with the bag. Pins and business cards and sample-y things and pens. Plus, I’ve added a couple of small things I picked up from vendors and sponsors. It’s kind of like being there without having to suffer through the near-record-setting high temps that day. (For real — I thought I was going to melt! I felt awful for the folks who’d come in from up north and weren’t acclimated. It was rough for me, and I live here.) And the tote is so handy; you’ll want to carry it everywhere. Or maybe just use it as a reusable shopping tote. A huge, huge thanks to my wonderful husband, who picked up this bag so I would have one to giveaway. xoxo!

One lucky winner will be receiving this crafty prize: A copy of Ottobre and two Aunt Martha’s embroidery/paint patterns. The unused Ottobre is the Fall 2006 issue, and full of great clothes you can sew for the little one in your life. If you haven’t sewn from Ottobre before, you are in for a treat! The patterns do have to be traced (just like Farbenmix, Burda and Kwik Sew) but they yield some of the most fun clothes I’ve ever made. Very stylish and different.

I’m totally digging the Aunt Martha’s patterns. I’d say they are retro, but I’m pretty sure these are the same designs the company has been putting out for the past 70 years. I actually remember my mother having some of these same patterns. Isn’t that cool? These patterns feature a package of floral motifs plus a separate package of Kitten Chores. No kidding — they were tough to decide to give away, but I hope the recipient will :heart: them as much as I do.

Prize No. 3 is a bit more personal, because *you* get to work with me on a little sewing project. I will work with the winner to draft and sew a skirt especially for her, similar to the one shown here. It can be a little shorter or longer; a bit more straight or a more pronounced A-line. Add some trim or maybe a contrasting band. The skirt has an elastic waist, so it’s nice and comfortable for you to wear. This one will take a little more time to send out, so just be aware of that going into it. (After all, I’m going to draft a pattern based on *your* measurements.)

Now, in order to win one of these fab-u-lous prizes, you will need to leave a comment on this post.

But wait just one tiny second.

Not only will you need to leave a comment, but you’ll need to do two things in that comment:

1. Tell me which prize you’d like. After all, it’s no fun to win a prize if you really don’t like it.

2. Write “Mary is the coolest crafty chick ever!” Just kidding. (Or am I?) No, I don’t want you to write that. But I do want you to submit a question for me that I can use on my “About Me” page.

Do this by Wednesday, June 23. On Thursday, June 24, I will separate all the comments by prizes and draw names from each of those three hats. Sound good? Good luck!

70 Replies to “This is Post”

  1. oh, do I really have to choose just one? I would love to get my hands on that issue of Ottobre, but the idea of having a skirt made just for me is almost too good to be true! Okay, if I have to choose, put my name in the Ottobre hat. As for the question I would love to see answered in your “about me” page… “What was the first crafty thing you did and how did it turn out?” And by the way, you really are the coolest crafty chick ever…

    sarahs last blog she and one he

  2. I have already won one of your contests at your blogiversary, so I’ll play nicely and won’t enter this one. However, I did want to say congrats on 300 fun and inspiring posts. The prizes are truly wonderful and very generous of you.

  3. well, I never win anything, but I’m trying anyway.
    I really like all of the prizes but my favorite is otto, I have a couple and love them.
    I like the idea of the skirt too, I never make anything for myself.
    While the bag is really nice, my hubby has put me on bag probation :S since I fill the bags with all kinds of junk and crafty stuff, and leave them all over the house! oops

    now for a question for the about me page…….
    how about, What is you all time favorite thing that you’ve ever sewn?

  4. What a great idea Mary! Oh, and Congrats on your 300th post. I love coming to visit your blog and peek into your life and see all the neat things you have been up to. Hmm, now to pick a prize I guess I would pick the Ottobre. My question is this. Who inspires you the most to create? Which sites, blogs, books, designers, etc. really get you excited and what about them do you like the best. Keep up the amazing work and continuing to inspire us all.

  5. Wow, this is so great!!! Congrats on the 300th post. That is awsome. So, choosing is really hard for me. Because I would love the Ottobre mag but I think I will have to pick the Skirt. I really need a new skirt and I am having a hard time finding one that fits me well. So, this would really be great.

    My question is, who do you move past the fear of trying a new project that you aren’t sure how to do or if you even have the ability of doing. I seem to freeze up with fear when I am starting new projects and then they never get fininshed. So, what are your tips of getting past this?

  6. Oh fun, I just love contests. I would love love a custom skirt!

    A question for you: What is your favorite part of creating children’s clothing?

    Oh and you are the coolest crafty chic;)


    Mandys last blog post..A birthday and a Sale!!

  7. πŸ™‚ I would love a custom skirt, but alas… I am a plus size girly. LOL If that puts me out of the running for the skirt, then I would choose the Ottobre. LOL

    1. Mary is the coolest. πŸ˜› (Seriously, I hope you are enjoying your summer! πŸ™‚ )

    2. I have more than one question… Pick n choose…
    a. What was the first item sewn (and a pic!!! πŸ˜› )
    b. How do you fit in sewing when all the monsters are home? πŸ˜‰
    c. At what age do you plan on teaching your daughter to sew?

    Wooohoo! πŸ™‚ Tx!!!

    Diannas last blog post..When I take a break….

  8. Oooh, Mary, this post does make me cheer wildly! Ha, ha!

    I finally got to open the package of the girl’s customs last night as we’ve been out of town! I am just in awe! You are absolutely the coolest craft chic, evah in my book!! I hope to take some pictures later this evening. Katelyn has tried hers on, and the fit is soo perfect and beautiful. She is in love with it and didn’t want to take it off for her bath!

    So, I think I would love a skirt for me! The Ottobre magazine is tempting, but a skirt that fits would be more practical!

    Question: How long have you been doing serious sewing projects, and what inspired you to keep taking it to the next level? Also what fabric patterns are your favorites to work with (bright and funky, more muted colors, big prints, etc.)?

  9. I am sure that I probably won’t win, but if I do, I’d like the skirt. I have such a hard time getting the right skirt and want to make them for myself, but I don’t know….maybe this will inspire me.

    Now my question….does your mood determine what colors you sew/craft with?

    For myself I find that I use more bright and fun colors when I am in a good mood and prints, but when I am in a crummy mood I use more solids and darker colors.

    Happy 300th!!

    Heathers last blog post..The finishing touches of the new hip mommy coming Tuesday

  10. Dear Mary aka The Coolest Crafty Chick Ever! I would probably just about die of happiness if I could get my hands on a skirt like that…just DIE.

    Now, for the question…what has been the hardest thing for you to master…craft wise? And what do you do or have you done to work through that?

    sadiras last blog post..Discouraged…

  11. I love the skirt! My question is what do you do when you get frustrated(keep on working to get through it or put it away for awhile after screaming)? Ha, ha!

  12. Happy 300 πŸ™‚ And I hope you do know that you are a very cool Crafty Mom!
    My question…If you could only choose one color (I know, this is a tough one) what would it be? If you have to, you can have a back up LOL
    #3 please πŸ™‚


  13. Congratulations! My question for you is–What is the one craft that you think everyone should try?

    I like the swag bag…I would love to attend an event like that!

  14. I would love to win a copy of Ottobre but it seems like everyone wants that one so if there you need to you can enter me into the skirt drawing. πŸ™‚

    My question for you is: Have you ever had one project in particular that you just couldn’t do or it frustrated you so much you had to leave it at the stage it was in?

  15. Oh no, I can’t decide….what a wonderful problem to have! πŸ™‚ I’m from sewingmamas and I’ve popped in here from time to time to check out your blog. I think I’ll pick…..the Ottobre pack.

  16. Seriously?!?! I need that skirt (well, one about to my knees or just above since I am quite vertically challenged!) It’s so cute! πŸ™‚

    My question – What is the craft that you absolutely despise and will never ever do again?

  17. Oops, in all the excitement, I forgot my question. I’m curious as to what part of sewing you like the LEAST.

  18. Yay, congrats, Mary πŸ˜‰

    I would like the bag although if I can pass on the skirt for myself and get it made for one of my girls that would be even better πŸ˜‰

    Hmmmmm, a question? How many clothing pieces do you think you have sewn? Better yet, how many have you given as gifts versus sold?

    Christis last blog post..Go and Google Yourself πŸ˜‰

  19. Wow…congrats! 300 posts! Woo!

    Oh, and you are definitely a super fabulous crafty gal! πŸ™‚

    K, so my questions. Two reallly. I don’t think I saw these asked yet, but….

    1. what is your favorite ice cream flavor or dessert? ( I know not at all a crafty question )
    2. what is your favorite stitch to use, machine or by hand, when sewing?

    Oh, and I would LOVE, love love the Ottobre and Aunt Martha’s!

    JaimeMs last blog post..Bandana Pants!

  20. I love the little ice cream sundae cup. We used to have some of the taller ones but I never used them for ice cream. They weren’t big enough! πŸ™‚

    As for my participation in the contest, I’ll say prize #3 and my question would be: Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

    AJs last blog post..Shalom

  21. I’d love the Ottobre issue – I keep meaning to get one.

    And for our about me – I love to hear a person’s crafting history – how did you get started? are you self-taught, taught by mom and grandma, etc?

  22. Wow that is sooooo cool! And you’re going to be making a skirt as a prize?!?! That is soooooooooooo awesome. Don’t put me in for a prize though. I’ll leave it to other people who may not have won anything before.

    And a question…you seem to get so much done. Is there stuff that you never get finished?

    Kukys last blog post..A Start to a Little Story

  23. I would love the swag bag, I think (though they are all excellent, excellent prizes!). My question for you is: what is the first thing ever that you remember crafting?

  24. Mary truly truly TRULY is the craftiest chick I know! I love reading your blog (as you know) and I’m thrilled you’ve hit the big 3-0-0…. great job sister!
    Ok, I’d love to put my name in for the skirt, I mean, my daughter can’t be the only one in the family cool enough to own one of your creations.
    And my question, hmmmmm…..
    Paint us a picture of what a typical dinner is like on a weeknight at your house? Is it perfect too?!
    Let’s do lunch soon!

  25. Mary you are the coolest craftiest chick! Congratulations on 300!!! I enjoy reading your blog a lot and have been inspired by your sewing skills. Really you do great work. For a question… Do you work and if so, how do you balance your creativity with all the responsiblity/caregiving that goes with raising a family, and being a good wife.

    and… what brought your sewing skills up to the level they are now? Lessons, practice, books, a friend, mom?
    I think the idea of a personalized skirt is too cool! Or the Ottobre mag… !

    jenns last blog post..In the garden….

  26. Mary, you’re seriously amazing! I do love keeping up with your blog and getting inspired by your divine craftiness!
    I am in awe of your generosity in your giveaways! With that said, I’d love to try my hand at those patterns–I’ve been eyeing that edition of Ottobre for several months now.
    I’d like to know: What is your favorite time of year? The colors that I see you using often suggest spring or summer but I was curious to know if your littlest one inspires that, if it’s the time of the year or maybe a little bit of both.
    Happy 300 to you!

    Heathers last blog post..I find this hard to believe…

  27. I’m going to say skirt because who could pass up a handmade just for you item of clothing? Although I must join the masses who have said they’ve never tried Ottobre, but would love to. Our Border’s used to carry it, but by the time I worked up the nerve, they stopped. They’re maddeningly capricious with their three months late Marie Claire Idees issues. I need to just subscribe to both of those.
    Anyway, on to my question. Which is: If you had a really schmancy new serger you were intimidated to sew on, how would you get your feet wet and dive in. What materials would you use to educate yourself? I already have Sew U and the BabyLock video, but I’m still scared to death. Broke the needles the second time trying it, so maybe that is why, but I need to get over my hump. Suggestions?

    Amys last blog post..Ye Olde Family Rhubarb Recipe

  28. In celebration of your 300th post I finally downloaded firefox…I just couldn’t wait anymore! It does look as great as I imagined! I don’t know that Ottobre exists in my part of the south, so I would love that package. I actually have 2 questions:
    1. Do you use a photo editor or are your pictures always so fabulous, and if so what?
    2. What is your best photography hint?

    (I am terribly inspired by your sewing also, but there seemed to be lots of sewing questions already and your pictures are always amazing)

  29. CONGRATS!!! 300 seems like a long way off to me. Love the bag and the skirt and I have a lot of the Aunt Martha’s so I’m going to choose the………bag! My ?……Does the weather sway your choice of colors that you work with???

    Karen aka Grammy Macs last blog post..HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

  30. Wow – 300 posts! Great job!

    My question is going to be basic b/c this is my first time reading your blog. I am sure I’ll be back! What is your favorite thing to sew/craft for your daughter?

    The skirt is tempting but I would love to win the otto.

  31. Mary is the coolest crafty chick ever!
    I went that afternoon to ICE, and I thought I was gonna die. Those Olympic ring fountains were starting to look pretty good! I have a question, How do you as a SAHM/WAHM ,make the time needed for both family and craft? This is one I have been struggling with lately πŸ™‚ Being a mom is such a guilt trip! lol I’ll take any prize too πŸ™‚

    Hopes last blog post..Flickr Fun Meme

  32. I like all three prizes so I would take any of them.
    And I do also think that you are the coolest crafty chick ever.

    My question is how would you feel if your daughter ever says mom I don’t want any more hand made clothing.
    I hope she never does because the stuff you make for her is great!!

  33. I just realized some how the comment I wanted to leave for this post got posted under your last post!
    It’s early…I must be more tired then I thought I was!
    I left questions for you on the other post…
    and by the way,
    I meant to say.
    YOU’VE been tagged on my page! WOW…NOT ME! LOL
    Congrats Mary!

    Carolyns last blog post..Not missing you! A list of things I do not miss!

  34. Congrats on reaching 300!!

    I am tempted by both the magazine and skirt…but since I am planning to attempt to make some skirts for myself in the next month I think I will go with the Ottobre for my 1 year old daughter.

    Question: How do you decide what to make next…do you have a list of future projects or does something inspire you for your next project or???

  35. This is such a sweet thing for you to do. I would love either the Ottobre or the skirt. I could use either. πŸ˜€

    My question…hmmmm…how about….Do you have spurts where you do a lot of something? Like do you sew a lot of blue for a while, or a print, and then the novelty wears off and you try something different?

  36. You have a wonderful blog! I don’t know how you find the time to create such great stuff!

    Here’s a question for your ‘about me page’-How did you learn to do all of these wonderful crafts?

    …I love prize 2-I have a 15month old that I could make lots of things from the Ottobre issue.

  37. What generous giveaways! I like them all, but I’d like a chance at the tote bag and items from ICE. I’m stuck out here in Savannah, GA and all the fun stuff happens in Atlanta, hehe. High gas prices kept me from making a trip that way this summer.

    As for the question… What is your preferred “pick-me-up” food or drink? From what I’ve read in your blog, it seems you have LOTS to keep you busy and need something to keep the energy going!

    Sarahs last blog post..Asian Flavor

  38. WTG on 300!!!! πŸ™‚ What cool giveaway! If I were to win, I’d love to try the Otto or even a new skirt would be nice! I’ll be in divorce court if I bring more bags into the house(and shoes too lol) πŸ˜‰

    It was hard to ask just one question so I hope you don’t mind me asking more…..

    What was the most challenging thing you have ever sewn?
    Who inspired you to start sewing? mom? grandma?
    Do you prefer to sew for profit or for personal use?
    How much fabric do you hide from your DH? lol πŸ˜‰

  39. I love the Otto, would kill for the skirt, but put me in the drawing for the bag. πŸ™‚ I love surprises!

    My question is: What was the most *satisfying* project you’ve ever accomplished? You can define that in any way. Did you love the result? The process? Or was is just such a PITA that it was great to have it over and done?

  40. Gotta say, I’d love to have one of your custom skirts!!! I’ve admired that skirt since you first posted it. It’s fabulous!

    I would love to know what/who inspires your work? I love your sense of color when mixing and matching prints.

    melissa sewss last blog post..Anonymous Anniversary Artwork

  41. I’d say I’d love an Ottobre. I *just* got two from Sewing Mamas but I’d love another! They are both summer so fall would be nice.

    As far as an About Me question– what are you aspirations for ten years from now?

    Tonyas last blog post..Lil Lady’s Birthday

  42. I just want to tell you that I read your blog regularly. I love to see what you sew for you little one.
    I would love the Ottobre magazine. I have never sewn one of their patterns but always drooled over them.

    As for a question – Have you recently thrown away a craft project because you weren’t happy with how it turned out?

  43. I’d love a shot at a pretty skirt like that?

    As for my question, when and how did you learn to sew? Do you have any tips for people just beginning to learn?

  44. Congrats, Mary! You are the coolest crafty chick ever! Hehe, now that I’ve buttered you up, I think I’d go for the Indie Tote cause I’m guessing most people are going for the skirt and I’d have a better chance at the tote πŸ˜‰

    My question would be – where are you going to find time to answer all these questions?! Or better yet, did you have any idea when you started that you’d have 54 comments and counting on one post?! Isn’t blogging great?

    Amys last blog post..Another Social Networking Addiction

  45. I would love to win any of the those prizes! If I had to pick it would be the swag bag I guess.
    My question is have you ever taught anyone to sew? If yes, what do you start out by doing?
    I’ve been teaching my daughter to machine sew and we started out on scrap fabrics just practicing straight and zig-zag stitching. She has made a pillow case and helped to make a skirt so far.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Alisons last blog post..Summery Apron and Owl Bag

  46. I’d love prize #3 and I know just the kind of skirt I need help making.

    You ARE the coolest and craftiest mama around…gotta give some sewingmama love there!

    Lastly, your photography is so wonderful, I’d love to know what you do to your photos or how you set up the lighting to get such crisp and clear photos? love & prayers, Melissa

    Melissa Duzans last blog post..You say it’s YOUR BiRtHdAy!

  47. Congrats on #300! It is definitely exciting! I enjoy coming and reading here, so I’ll have to agree w/ Amy (and others) and say that you are definitely the coolest chick ever.

    As for a prize, I’d probably choose the skirt, too, but only if it could be done in plus sizes.

    Oh, to choose only one question for you to
    answer…..I guess I’d like to know: How do you pick the fabrics you choose? I mean, are they made by the same designer? Do you coordinate the fabrics right there in the store or do you shop around?

    You are amazing!!

  48. Congratulations on hitting 300. I’m still working towards 100 on my blog! I love visiting your site and seeing all your inspiring craftiness!

    You’re offering such fun prizes – I’d love either the Otto or the skirt!

    And my question is what crafty creation are you the most proud of. Oops.. I hate ending a sentence with a preposition… Of what crafty creation are you the most proud? πŸ™‚

  49. Mary…love, love, love reading your blog, though I feel I need to become more skilled at blog reading…LOL! I want to win the skirt so badly (And I want youto teach me how to draft my pattern)! And, here’s my question…where’d you and Honey meet? Did I miss that somewhere? And, you are the coolest craftiest chick I know! πŸ˜‰

  50. Oh, you are making us work for this are you? Ok, of course you know I am jealous of your clothes making skills, so I’ll go for the skirt of course, and my question for you is: What is your favorite thing to sew? clothes, home stuff etc…and why.

  51. Congratulations on post #300, wow! I would love to win prize 2. I have a 3 year old and have never sewn from an Ottobre pattern before. For your “About me” page I would love to know how long you’ve been sewing and how you have learned your craft… from your mom, school or books etc. I’m learning to sew from blogs like yours and it is so fun to see how other people learn and about different resourses that are out there. Keep up the good work.

  52. 300 blog posts is awesome!

    Mary is the coolest crafty chick ever!

    I was going to write Mary you are the coolest crafty chick ever! but I didn’t know if it was acceptable or not LOL

    Ooh, a skirt custom made for me could be fun. I like that bag too.

    I need to learn to sew. Okay I can kind of sew, but I doubt I can make anything.

    Traceys last blog post..The First Swim Of Summer

  53. Love love your blog Mary!! I do think you are one of the coolest craftiest chicks ever! πŸ™‚ I love reading your blog.

    My question to you is… What is the next craft you hope to accomplish?

    I would love any of the three prizes but I really love the skirt or the transfer patterns and Octobre Magazine! Congrats on your 300!!!

  54. Well, I’d love any of the prizes since they are all so great, but I think I’d really love to be entered for the swag bag.

    I haven’t read through all of the questions, so I hope mine wasn’t asked already. But I’d like to know what inspired you to take your sewing to the next level. Did it start out as just a hobby, and then turn into a business? Or did you always have lofty goals?

    Lauras last blog post..More fun at the pool

  55. i am so excited for you!!! here’s my question. how long have you been sewing garments? what is your favorite fabric to use? and i would love the bag!

    heidis last blog wall art

  56. Mary is definitely the crafty queen and very cool!

    I’d love the skirt, but maybe for my daughter?

    Here’s my question: How has sewing and doing crafts changed your life? How do they enrich your life?

  57. Mary is the greatest and that skirt is the coolest!

    What inspires your fabric choices and color combos – they’re always so festive w/out being obnoxious!

  58. MARY IS THE COOLEST CRAFTING CHICK I KNOW!! #3 would rock!! Oh and can you make me a Yoshi costume for Halloween?? My son is obsessed, and hey, a challenge for you too, eh?? Yoshi is that green creature on Super Mario Bros.

  59. I would surely love to have a nice skirt that fits around my “empty baby house” well! I love reading your blog and am often inspired in my attempts at sewing for my family! My question would be one (or maybe just all) of the following: Did you ever sew Barbie clothes as a child/teen? Did you ever craft soft dolls as a child/teen? Now, if you said yes, to either question, do you still have them stashed in some memory box or out on display to encourage yourself with how far you’ve come as a sewing mommy?

  60. I love your blog. Very inspiring and you have great taste! I’d love to win a skirt made by YOU!!

    My question — how much time do you spend each day on your craftiness??

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