More Oliver+S Sewing

I really love the styling of the Oliver + S patterns and just finished up another outfit. This time I combined the Puppet Show shorts with the Swingset Tunic.

The shorts are made with a pretty natural-colored linen. Very soft and summery, I think. I goofed on the bias leg binding this time (and really couldn’t tell you what I did wrong), so the legs aren’t gathered quite as much as they should be. I think they still turned out rather cute and Miss L loves them (the pockets are probably her favorite part).

I knew right away that this embroidered cotton in my stash would be perfect for the top, especially with the linen shorts. (Please excuse all the wrinkles. Our photo shoot was hours after we got dressed and ran errands.) It’s just a soft floral motif with vines and daisies. Very understated. The back has buttons at the top of the bodice and I had three small floral buttons that were just perfect.

With the hot and humid summers we have here, I can expect to get a lot of use out of this outfit. And I’m glad because I love how it turned out.

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  1. I’m just amazed that the outfit is clean after hours of wearing! It looks great – these cute outfits make me wish for a girl! (I know I’ve said that before – sorry to bore you.)

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