Day In, Day Out

I’m always amazed at how well Jen captures everyday life in her photos. Those little moments, the ones we’re most likely to forget. I’m trying to make more of an effort to focus on some of those times, photograph them and keep them.

It struck me recently that I have almost no photos of Miss L at bath time. That’s due, at least partially, to the fact that she usually showers with me.

Today called for a bath — getting all sweaty while playing in the hot summer sun will do that — and I remembered to grab my camera on the way back to the tub. She looked so content, although in this frame she appears a bit sad. A little bit of today, preserved for posterity.

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  1. Very lovely shot. I can tell you from experience, treasure these quiet moments and take the pictures now. My oldest is now 14 and hates to have her picture taken and will be heading off to High School next year.

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