Don’t Be Jealous

The inside of my fridge is so shiny and clean.

Empty, too.

Nope, not a fit of spring cleaning. More like a victim of major appliance failure. Yeah, my refrigerator died. We’ve had it less than five years, so I’m a little less than thrilled with this development. I think what bothers me most is having to throw out all that food. What a waste.

Oh, well. It gave me a chance to really clean the fridge and freezer, right? See that packed shelf on the right? That’s my stash o’ yummy. Pickles, olives, garlic, horseradish and an assortment of hot pepper sauces. One jar actually combines two of my favorites: Wickles (pickles and peppers). (Lightbulb! Now I remember why I’ve got a touch of the heartburn.)

With that chore out of the way, I was able to finish up the gift for Miss L’s teacher. Ca-yuuuuuuttttteeeee! And that’s all I’m sharing right now. You’ll just have to wait for the tutorial. I promise; it’s worth it.

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  1. Oh no! This happened to us a few summers ago while company was visiting AND after I had done a major shopping trip. We lived out of coolers the entire weekend!

  2. oh drats! I sooooooooo know what you are going through!

    If you want a good laugh, go read one of my older blog posts about my fridge adventure:
    Scroll down to the entry COLD AS ICE…NOT for the story.

    Admit it…you really didn’t want to cook this weekend anyway…heck, it’s Mother’s Day WEEKEND…LOL


    With friendship,

    Lisa thedomesticdivas last blog post..Designing Custom Metal Jeans Buttons

  3. I am a LITTLE jealous. But then, I’ve sometimes wished for a fire so that I could get rid of all my clutter in one fell swoop without guilt. Okay, I wouldn’t REALLY want that, but the thought has definitely entered my mind a time or two.

    Amys last blog post..What we’ve been up to

  4. Hi Mary!

    Wish my fridge looked so shiny!
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog:)
    Your new sight looks great!


  5. That’s a bummer, having to throw out food and having to spend more money. But I am sort of jealous. I want a new fridge that’s shiny and new. Our fridge is sooooo old. It’s been here since we moved into the house. So it’s at least 9 years old. Wow…haven’t really given it much thought. Maybe we should get a more energy efficient fridge…

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  6. We had a power outage while we were on vacation and our fridge went off, the muffins exploded and threw the door open so everything went bad. It was kind of nice to dump everything but the pickles and start over! Kind of expensive though, all the meat was bad in the freezer too from the power outage. argh!

    nikoles last blog post..Today’s Creative Home Arts

  7. I feel your pain! I noticed last week my very full deep freeze wasn’t working. It was full of food and it was a watery smelly mess when I opened it.

  8. I was looking at the picture thinking “wow, that looks like my fridge” then I read your post, and I was like “oh no! I hope that’s not my fridge!” Is that Sambal Oelek I see in front?

    kelly jos last blog post..H is for…

  9. sorry you lost all that food – same thing happened to us last Thanksgiving – we were off at my sister’s for 4 days – someone left the fridge cracked open and it was WARM in that fridge when we got back. Major clean-up job, majorly clean fridge for a while. 6 months later I’m ready to do it all over again!

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