Playing With Paint

Back when I moved my blog, I gave a little peek at a non-sewing project on which I was working. Boy, that seems like forever ago! Today I finally finished it, as well as a companion piece (of sorts).

“Lovely” (above right) is a 12×12 canvas featuring white gloves and pearls. I soaked a pair of vintage white gloves in a mixture of Mod Podge and water (probably 3-1 ratio) and then squeezed them out and arranged them on the canvas (which already was painted blue). After they were dry, I brushed on a little pearlescent paint to give them a little sparkle. I used the same paint for the swirls and title, and affixed the pearls.

“Fancy” (above left) is another 12×12 canvas. This one is painted a dark/hot pink, which I mixed with a little pearlescent paint to give it a slightly marbled look to the background. The “necklace” is made from faux jewels and embellished with a bit of silver paint. The title and swirl are both chipboard; the letters are embellished with silver glitter and I used just some silver paint on the swirl.

This is my first experiment with this type of mixed-media art and I had loads of fun playing with the different elements. It’s definitely given me a lot of ideas for other works, not necessarily like this but not fabric-based, either. I think anything that inspires me is a worthwhile endeavor.

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  1. How very fun! I remember taking a 3-D art class in college and not being that excited about it at all. The class was totally amazing, and stretched me in places I had not anticipated!

    sadiras last blog post..Smitten…

  2. I just found your blog. Love it because I, like you, am a craft addict. Never seeming to land in one place long enough. But…crafting is like the air I breathe and I cannot live without it. So cheers to you!


    I just started my own blog – something new for me. THAT’S addicting too.

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