Today has been a rest-and-recovery day for us. We needed it after two days of traveling and staying up late. Friday morning, we packed up the car and hit the road — Honey, me, Miss L and Ava — to spend the night in my cute husband’s hometown in Tennessee. Our favorite rocker aka my sister-in-law, had a show scheduled that night. Since she lives too far away for us to regularly see her, the fact that she was only 3.5 hours away meant a trip was in order. It also meant a little photo session was in order. Jenn and I have been talking about me taking some promotional photos for her since at least a year ago, but we haven’t been able to make it happen. This weekend provided the perfect opportunity, so I packed up pretty much everything I own in the photography department and hauled it with us. And I am so glad I did! Here are a few of my favorites:

Jenn and I are both crazy about this one:

(If you’re interested in seeing the rest — at least the 122 that are done so far — you can see them here.) I have to say, it was quite a change of pace to photograph grown ups. My usual subject is … less than cooperative at times. If you’re around three year olds at all, you’ll know what an understatement that can be. It was so amazing for me to say, “drop your chin a little” and actually have the subject comply. Plus Jenn was totally willing to try anything I asked of her. And it was just fun to hang out with her and chat, which we just don’t get to do that often.

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  1. The pictures look like a very professional photo shoot! Talent from the photographer indeed…of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous!!

  2. I’m absolutely stunned! I knew that you were a good photographer, but these are beautiful and so professional!
    Aunt Marlene

  3. I’m catching up on my reading.

    The photos are beautiful. And yes I looked through every single one in the set, all 136. 🙂 The butterfly one gave me a giggle. It was surprising. And where did you shoot the pictures. Did you have a backdrop that you brought with you?

    Oh and almost forgot to say, the link to the set isn’t working properly.

  4. FABULOUS photos – but arent yours always!!??? They really capture your sister in law’s personality I think without knowing her at all! Congrats on your mum’s nodes being clear – that is fabulous news, we were so thrilled when Rosie had that same news – it feels like you can breathe a little more. And congras on your son’s licence! Rosie’s son just got his last week too – scary!!!

  5. Oh my goodness Mary, these photos are AMAZING!!!! Girl, step away from the sewing machine and go into biz for this, because you are rocking and obviously have some amazing talent!!!

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