Skirt Flirt

I’ve been at it again. Making skirts, that is. They’re just so darn easy! Fast, too. I think these three took me no more than two hours — and that included drafting the pattern.

Casey Scroll skirtRobert Kaufman skirt

I used Sew What Skirts to guide me on the pattern drafting. I’ve drafted A-line skirts before but thought I’d take advantage of some professional advice. I’m happy with the results and even wore one yesterday as my oldest and I toured a college campus. (Totally made my day when a random passerby complimented it, too!)

Today I’ve been lounging around in my new tee. I love it! I bought it from Moxie Madness on Etsy; she was kind enough to list one in the size and color I wanted. I think I’m going to make a cute pair of capris to go with it, since the weather is warming up enough that jeans will soon be uncomfortable.

I’ll be taking a bit of a blog break the next few days as spring break comes to a close, but be sure to catch up with me next week. I have some BIG news to share!

15 Replies to “Skirt Flirt”

  1. Those skirts look great! I like the fabric. I bought that book too long ago and haven’t made myself a single skirt. Hmmm…maybe I’ll get around to it before the year is out.

    And enjoy your blog break!

  2. love the skirts mary. is there a zipper, drawstring, button? tell me, cuz i have some cute fabric screaming to be made into a skirt, of course in true gregg fashion, i have no pattern. any help would be truly appreciated! Maybe I need to make a proto-type.

  3. I’m excited to hear your BIG news! I love that shirt and have been admiring it for some time—Now I want it really bad. Have a great rest of Spring Break!

  4. Cute skirts!! I bought Sew What Skirts as well – and gave it to my nieces, who have been making skirts all spring long from their mom’s fabric hoard. And they’ve all turned out really cute.

    I love this A-line one – simple, but classy. Your fabrics are terrific!

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