Have you seen the new Oliver+S patterns yet? Cuteness doesn’t begin to cover it. I’ve been stalking the site for months, waiting for the talented Liesl to announce that they were ready for business. When the day arrived, Miss L helped me pick out the first one to sew, the Puppet Show Tunic+Shorts.

I worked on the outfit this week whenever I had the chance, sneaking it in between this and that. I also bent my “no sewing after 9 p.m.” rule so I could work on it. I’m happy to say that it’s done!

I had just enough of this bright La Zagala fabric for the top, which I accented with pink-and-white-polka dot cuffs and collar. The shorts are a hot pink cotton twill that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The shirt buttons up the back, and also has buttons on the sleeve cuffs. The pattern calls for using a contrasting print on the bodice pieces but I wanted to do the top pretty much all one fabric. I like the small touches of contrast on this. The main fabric is so busy, I think anything else might be a little overwhelming on such a tiny girl as mine.

The degree of difficulty on this pattern is ranked as three out of four pairs of scissors and I’d have to say that’s pretty accurate. The top involves a fair amount of hand stitching, as well as a little bit of understitching. The directions are very thorough but that’s not necessarily a good thing for me. Because of that whole ADD thing, I tend to skim written material. At one point, I had to go back two steps to sew things I’d skipped over. Whooops! There are a lot of great details to this outfit, so reading the instructions is essential.

The pattern calls for sewing the sleeves and top separately, and then setting in the finished sleeves. I was a little worried about fitting the small sleeves on my free arm, so I opted to attach the sleeves and then finish the underarm and side seams in one fell swoop. This would have worked well had it not been for the little sleeve cuffs. Had I read through and actually comprehended the instructions, I might have followed them. Instead, I had a nice bit of finagling to do in order to get the sleeve edges turned and sewn properly without sewing my own finger. (In retrospect, I should have done the buttonholes on the cuffs before attaching them to the sleeves, since it was a bit of a challenge to get them under the presser foot without getting other parts of the shirt stuck under there, too.)

The pattern also called for cutting out and sewing far more of the bias hem facing than I actually needed. Not a big deal but if you’re going to sew the size 2 (and possibly the 3), you could easily make do with two bias strips.

It’s a really pretty outfit and I think it would look beautiful with linen shorts and a pretty batiste cotton top. Or even a cool seersucker.  I’m already plotting my next pattern purchase and figuring out what fabrics I’ll use. Because I’m nutty like that.

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  1. Mary that is a great outfit! I love it! I adore the oliver + s patterns, I just wish I had a little girl to sew them for!

  2. That’s very cute! Perfect for a little girl.
    Please talk to me about this “no sewing after 9 p.m.” rule. That’s prime time for me, and I lose a lot of much-needed sleep because of it. How do you get things done during the day?

  3. The Oliver+S patterns really make me wish I had a girl! L’s outfit is adorable!

    And yes – how do you manage to get things (especially sewing) done before 9 pm?

  4. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. Those patterns are so adoable. If only I had grandDAUGHTERS!

  5. So cute, glad to hear you are a skimmer too, I skim all the time, and since being pregnant it’s seriously gotten worse, I do it with recipes, like what am I thinking when I do that, that those ingredients aren’t really in the recipe.

  6. wow, what a prolific sewer!
    laughed out loud at your “whats on my mind ” post. sooo funny.
    will dfinately be back to visit you(and your blog)

  7. I just love how they’re making all their patterns look like paperdolls…I wish they did grownup clothes! Then again, we do have Amy Butler. That is a wonderful outfit for Ms. L…

  8. Love it! Miss L is just so cute!

    Also, I know meme’s have been a common thing it seems around blog-land, but if you’re up for it I just tagged you for one! Check out my blog for details! 🙂

  9. Well aren’t you sweet, and that turned out really well! You’re absolutely right that this is a more challenging pattern. I loved the cuff detail so much that I wrote the instructions specially so it could be used. But it’s almost always easier to set in the sleeve before sewing the side seams. Anyway, nice work! It looks great on her, too.

  10. I am waiting for my patterns to come so I am so very receptive to your “notes”. I,too, am a crafter with ADD….reading is so time consuming some times!!lol.

  11. Ok, I can’t see your pics here at work (although I’m sure it’s TDF). But I have to say that I chose this same pattern as my first to try (mainly for the shorts). It’s almost eery I tell you!

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