Catch Up (Not Tomatoes)

I have to start off this entry with a bit of a disclaimer. You see, I had more photos of what I’ve been working on lately. Sadly, the 2GB CF card I bought before my trip to Chicago last year has resumed eating my photos. All of Easter? Pfffft. Gone. Just like that. Everything I shot yesterday? Gone. So, know that there’s more to be photographed as soon as I can find my 1GB card (henceforth known as “ol’ reliable”). Also, I’m doing a separate post with my sewing space revamp because there’s so much to share there.

Now, on with the show!

Neither of these cute little purses is for me. The one on the left, made with the cutest Japanese panda fabric (with a touch of Jennifer Paganelli) is a pattern by Jenna Lou Designs, the Fiona Handbag. Ca-yooot! It’s a birthday present for a friend and I can’t wait to give it to her. I added a little pocket on the inside with the same panda fabric on those polka dots. There’s a touch more JP on the kitty purse on the right, another Melly & Me pattern. The two main fabrics are (I think) Alexander Henry. I’ll be honest here and admit that I’m not as crazy about this bag. Love the pattern, love the design. The fabrics aren’t doing it for me. I think I need to use a smaller print fabric the next go ’round. The print just gets lost in the strips, which is a shame because it’s a cute fabric with geisha and cats. (The little missy has no complaints and has been hauling it everywhere she goes.)

I had so much fun making these felted wool pincushions! I used an online tutorial I found and was surprised at how easily they came together. It does take a little bit of patience, especially with the dunking and squeezing part, but I found it pretty relaxing.

I’m eager to try more felting, actually, and have a few more projects in mind. That’s how much fun it is. It’s a little tough to find supplies and tools locally, though, so if anyone has suggestions of online sources, throw ’em at me. And with this project, I get to cross off another on my Try It! list. Oh, yeah! I’m pleased with the progress I’m making there, especially since I may need to slow down with the list a bit in the next few weeks as I finish up some custom orders, stock my Etsy storefront and try to make a little progress on spring and summer wardrobes for Miss L and I.

Last but not least is the little design job that let me stretch myself creatively in a completely different way. My sweet sister-in-law has a show coming up next month and needed some tickets designed. How could I refuse? I’ve never done something that size before; most of my work has been a considerably larger format (newspaper or magazine). Fortunately, I had some great images to work with and the photo booth strip from Pink Ink Studios lent itself to the format. They were a huge hit and I can’t wait to see them in person (which actually won’t happen until the show, since the tickets aren’t coming here). (The red bar at the bottom is where the ticket numbering goes.)

Some Easter fashions for Miss L and I, plus a couple more apparel items, will hopefully make their way to the blog in the next few days as I re-shoot what my camera ate. In the meantime, check back soon for the new and improved sewing space tour!

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  1. I see what you mean about the kitty purse. I think you are right that the fabric should have a smaller print next time.

    I love the pincushions. So cute.

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