On My Mind

Things I’m pondering right now:

  • Does it hurt my cat’s feelings that I call him “fat butt”?
  • Is the name-calling perhaps the reason why he feels compelled to drink out of my water glass?
  • What the hell was I thinking when I decided to stitch that zipper in by hand?
  • Should I have gone to bed two hours ago?
  • Will tonight’s Lost make more sense when I watch it tomorrow than it did while I was sewing while watching it tonight?
  • Did that shrimp taste a little funny?
  • How is it possible for one 3-foot-tall person to make such a huge mess in such a short amount of time?
  • When is my husband going to finish writing that darned email?
  • How sick is the dog going to get after eating a half a bag of Easter chocolate (imported German, I might add), including the aluminum wrappers? (I know chocolate is like poison to dogs; I don’t know how she found it and am genuinely concerned about her well being. And ticked that she had to eat the expensive stuff instead of the Cadbury Mini Eggs, which are cheaper and more easily replaced.)
  •  Should I start the dishwasher tonight or wait until after breakfast tomorrow?
  • Did I turn off everything downstairs?
  • Do I have to work out in the morning?
  • Where did my daughter hide my checkbook?
  • Why can’t I train the cats to go fetch my slippers? (My feet are cold!)
  • Can I actually justify buying more fabric?

22 Replies to “On My Mind”

  1. I have a theory. The shorter they are, the more chaos they can cause.

    Also, if you’re not sure how much chocolate your dog ingested, you can give her some hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Since chocolate isn’t caustic, it’s safe to use it.

  2. Bahhaaa! Did you guys have a tornado near you too? Yes, the smaller people can get into many more things. They do make huge messes.

  3. Love to see the contents of a woman’s brain. So much of what is in yours looks familiar! Hope the dog is ok and of course she ate the good stuff…ain’t that the way it goes.

  4. You don’t have to justify it if you call yourself a “fabric collector”. See, if you are a “collector” like I am, then you are just building your collection! This also applys to scrapbook paper.

  5. aha! That’s why my cat drinks my coffee – she gets called Chubby Butt more than her real name. One of life’s great mysteries solved! Thanks for that. 🙂

  6. Too Funny! I tape Lost and I have to watch each episode at least 2 times to say, oh, I get it and then the next week, I say WHAT? I’m LOST!!!! That was the point right?

  7. It depends on the size of your dog. Hopefully, it’s a big beast. I have a large dog and she gobbles down boxes of chocolates that foolish people leave within her reach. Never a stinky toot or barf … nada.

  8. Stop getting into my brain!! You sound just like me. OR I sound just like you. Either way- I’m so sorry.

    I turned my head off for today. It’s my new built in circuit breaker- if too much stuff starts clogging up my head then it will simply go completely and blissfully blank.

  9. And this made my night. I needed the laugh and can actually relate with many. Omit the cat and dog – don’t have any of those.

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