The Saturday-Night Ramble

• I’m totally jazzed about the Project Runway finale this week. I’ve been watching the back-to-back eps on Bravo this evening to gear up. However, I’m starting  to get numb to the plight of the polar bears. I was saddened the first time I saw that commercial. By the fifth time in 90 minutes? Not so much.

Coyote Ugly is a fun movie. It would be perfect if they cut out all the scenes that take place outside the bar.

•  Today’s West Coast dispatch: Celebrity sightings include Peter Gallagher and his eyebrows and Jon Stewart (whom my BFF walked past while wearing pedi shoes and Kleenex between her toes).

• The fact that no one else in my family likes beets means I can have as many as I want. And I did. I’m particularly enjoying this recipe. I sprinkle a little goat cheese on top. Super yummy! (Although I use canned beets. I know fresh probably taste better but my initial attempt yielded too firm beets that I couldn’t eat.)

• My oldest has eaten his body weight in Friendship Bread this week. Oh to be 17, six feet tall and a runner. And male.

• Why did they make a Knight Rider movie? What’s next? A remake of Magnum, P.I.? (OK, that wouldn’t be so bad, especially if they bring back Tom Selleck and those tiny shorts.)

• I really, really want to see Juno, Penelope and Charlie Bartlett. I’m kind of cheap, though, and usually wait for movies to hit the dollar theater — which isn’t always known for it’s selection of artsy/indie films.

• I recently bought and read the book Skinny Bitch, not really knowing what I was getting into. I think the authors would be less angry if they ate something. I’m hateful enough without giving up all the food I enjoy.

• Is it incredibly geeky to admit that I’m excited about tonight’s live, new SNL?

7 Replies to “The Saturday-Night Ramble”

  1. Beets? ewww…LOL

    Project Runway…I can’t wait! Although I’d like Ramie to win, I think Jillian is going to be it. However, I’ve just checked out their final collections and I must say Ramie’s has the best one…so we’ll see!

    So glad I TIVOed SNL…I love Tina Fey! It was pretty good!

    With friendship,

  2. Oh my goodness! I was so excited about SNL being new last night. I just love Tina Fey. I only saw half of it, but recorded it so will view later. I too have teenage boys that are 6 ft eating friendship bread at my house! Last night I had 7 teenage boys watching movies, playing video games and on the computer at my house and trust me, my house isn’t that big! But they behaved and I went to bed at 1:00 and I didn’t hear them! I am a late arrival to project runway. But, I am enjoying it. And Juno, what can I say, you have to see it! I have seen it twice and if I can find it in a theater I am going to see it again. I totally love it!! Can’t wait for it to come out on dvd.

  3. Juno is definitely worth a full price ticket. fabulous movie. funny, yet packs a big message. the characters are wonderful. i’m taking my boys to see it this afternoon. not a bad idea for two middle school boys to see what teenage pregnancy can do to someone’s life…

  4. So excited for SNL. We DVR’d it and I’m just waiting to watch it. I’m glad this writers strike is over. I miss my TV shows (like I don’t have enough to do without vegging out in front of the TV).

    And I’ve heard such good things about Juno. I want to see it but we’ll see if the theater in our tiny town gets it or not. (I’m cheap too!)

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