The Gumball Thief

I worry sometimes that I am losing my way around my camera. I’ve gone through a period lately where I have barely picked it up except for work — shooting static objects like crafts or food for the magazine — and I know that’s not good. I need to pick up my camera and use it, train my eye, improve my technical skills. Things that only happen with practice.

Today I spontaneously grabbed my camera and photographed my favorite subject, my daughter. She was amenable to it (a pleasant surprise!) and I was glad to play. My favorite, though, is this shot which shows virtually nothing of her. Or, rather, shows so much of her personality.

We have a gumball machine in our foyer. It doesn’t really “go” with anything and has spent more time in the corporate world in the past seven years, first at my office and then my husband’s. It’s been home since December and mostly ignored by the two year old until recently. She has discovered that the knob, when jiggled, yields the sweetest, most delicious treats she’s ever had. Now she makes her way down the stairs at least once a day to sneak a gumball or two — or three.

And here she is, caught in the act. My little gumball thief.

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