It’s Expo-rific

 I bailed on hubby and the kids yesterday to hit up the Atlanta Sewing Expo. OK, “bailed” is probably the wrong word, since I took my oldest to his ham radio exam (he passed!) at 8:30 a.m., then went home and picked up child 2 of 3 to take him to Shabbat School and Temple by 10 before driving up to the civic center. A mom’s work is never done!

Anyway, I’ve never been to a sewing expo before but I figured it was pretty similar to the scrapbooking expos I’ve attended (it is). Sadly, I didn’t take any classes but really wish I had. I think that would have made the experience more better. ~_^ Still, I can’t complain. I had fun, saw lots of really cool quilts and even bought a few things.

I’m always impressed by how Sandi uses trims and embellishments on her outfits, so I made sure to cruise through the vendors who sold those types of items. Wow, so much stuff! I was, in fact, a little overwhelmed and ended up buying only a few vintage buttons and some cool geisha buttons. I really need some kind of embellishment tutorial to get me started/less intimdated. Oh, and I also bought a little bit of fabric (2 measely yards). I’d snap a few pics but that would involve hunting down my camera blah blah blah and I’m trying to cut pattern pieces while I’m working on this blog entry.

I was kind of meh about a lot of the fabric there. Tons of FQ and not lots of yardage, which is kind of pointless for someone who needs at least a yard for most things. I ended up driving to my favorite quilt shop and dropping a few greenbacks on some of the Flea Market Fancy fabrics. (They’ve since been put to use — maybe pics tomorrow!)

I also snagged the Amy Butler Cabo Halter pattern plus more of the duckegg wallpaper fabric so I can making a top to match my daughter’s dress. I’m going to give it a whirl with some cheapy fabric first, though, especially since there are darts AND a zipper involved. Wish me luck!

 ETA: I found a pic of the fabric I bought at the Expo. Isn’t it just too cute?! Now if I can only figure out what to do with it!