Busy Bee

I was a sewing fiend this weekend. I managed to sew a purse and three outfits for DD. Not too shabby!

First off, the purse. I used Heather Ross fabric, Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries, I think it’s called. I love the fabric and I’m pretty happy with how the purse turned out. It’s the biggest purse I’ve made — I usually do toddler-sized versions — and it took a little more math than anticipated. The button closure was a sort of last-minute decision; I’m glad I added it. (That’s my KRZR peeking out of the pocket!)

Next up is a fun halter dress-top and jeans outfit. I adore this Michael Miller fabric. I bought it off eBay without knowing what I was going to do with it. When I saw the dress pattern on YCMT, I knew I’d found the perfect fit. My older son helped me decide the fabric placement and is the one who suggested doing ruffled jeans instead of pants. My fashion consultant!

It’s not quite finished. I need to do the top stitching of the dress and I think I’m going to make a newsboy hat to match, as well as a purse. I only bought two yards, so I need to plan well because I don’t have much left to work with. As it is, I had to cut the skirt for the dress twice because of a grievous serger miscalculation on my part.

I’ve never embellished overalls before and thought I’d give it a whirl. You know how they say “never say never”? Well, I’m pretty sure I mean it when I say I’ll never again attempt to do this. I think they’re super cute but definitely more of a hassle than I expected. More Michael Miller fabric, this time the Dandy Damask. I think the stripe is a Kaufman fabric; I’d have to go digging to be sure. It’s not a perfect match but I think it works. The dot was sort of a last-minute addition; the fabric was left over from another project and I thought it made for a cute accent.



Now for my favorite! I found this gorgeous handkerchief fabric on SuperBuzzy and knew I wanted to make an apron something from it. I had no idea what fabric I’d put with it, what exactly I’d do with it or even which handkerchief I’d use. Three trips around the quilt shop before I stumbled on this ovals-on-pink fabric. I had thought I’d use another square for the apron but I thought the oval medallions were a perfect match. Another learning experience with this project, though: I measured my sweet daughter for the top but didn’t fit her during the sewing since she was sleeping. I ended up with a top that would fit her in maybe two years’ time! Out came the seam ripper and the rotary cutter. This one fits much better.

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