Winter Warmth

Handmade gifts make the holidays extra special for me. There’s just something about creating something to give someone I love that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I decided to knit hats for three of my family members this Christmas, picking out just the right yarn for each and opting for three entirely different patterns. While I could have made things easier on myself by knitting the same pattern three times over, I knew I wanted to make each hat more personal for each of the recipients.

All three hats are made from Knitted Wit worsted weight yarn (bought at Intown Quilters Fabric & Yarn, of course) in colorways (from left) Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Unicorn Farts and Mt. Rainier National Park.

Great Smoky Mountains is the Photographers Hat, made for my husband. He’s from Tennessee and I thought he would love the yarn. The style of the hat is similar to one he’s had for years.

Unicorn Farts: This might be my favorite of the bunch, and not just because I made it for Miss L. I have already made socks for myself with the Victory Sock version of this yarn, I love it so much. I thought a cable hat would be fun to try and the yarn is just solid enough to show off the cables. The pattern is the Traveling Cable hat and I could not be happier with how it turned out.

Last but not least is the hat I made for my father. The pattern is called Two by Two and it’s just all ribbing. The decreases create a really interesting pattern at the crown. My dad wears a lot of hats (his ball cap collection is unreal) and he loves color so I thought he’d like this yarn. It’s a little bold but it looks great on him and he swears he loves it.