On the Road, QuiltCon Edition

What a week! I was fortunate enough to travel to beautiful Savannah, GA, last week to attend my first-ever QuiltCon. The shop had a booth and I was happy to get a chance to go and share the IQ love with quilters from all over the world.


It was such a great experience and I had a blast seeing friends and meeting new people. The first day was bananas: I think none of us left the booth before 2 and even then it was just to race to the bathroom or cram a sandwich down our throats. My friend Lennye and I spent a little while checking out the booths Friday morning before starting work and I may have picked up a thing or two. Working at a quilt shop, I’m pretty fortunate to be surrounded by gorgeous inspiration on a daily basis but I did manage to find one or two things to bring home.  

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I was fortunate to do some book signings at the Intown Quilters booth (thanks, Sarah!) and the Stash Books booth during the trip. There may have been a little babbling about bag making but I can’t help myself. I’m pretty passionate about this latest book of mine and really love being able to introduce people to the book and the concept behind it.

On the last day of the show, I dragged Sarah over to look at the quilts because I didn’t want to leave without getting a chance to see them. Some I’d seen online but many of the quilts were new to me and I’m so glad I had the chance to check them out.