Machine Quilting is Mega Fun with Pat Sloan

I have a stack of quilt tops languishing in my studio. My intention has always been to quilt them myself because they’re small or made with inexpensive fabric or not tops I think are worth the expense of longarm quilting.

So they sit on shelves and in bins, waiting for me to get around to quilting them myself — except I still consider myself something of a machine quilting novice and the thought of tackling the pile intimidates me.

pat-sloan-mega-fun-book-toursqWhen my buddy Pat Sloan asked me to be part of her Mega-Fun Book Tour for her new book, Teach Me to Machine Quilt, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. Reading it was like having a conversation with Pat — I could actually hear her voice in my head. Her tips and detailed explanation of techniques really makes machine quilting on my home sewing machine more doable.


The weakest part of my quilting game is the quilt basting, hands down. I can manage smaller quilts but anything larger than a throw inevitably ends up with wrinkles and puckers in the backing. Pat’s tips for basting made so much sense! I actually feel like I can tackle the quilt I made for my queen-sized bed now! (A Sassy Sixteen made with Luke Hayne’s Dapper fabrics, backed with Tula Pink Freefall.)

My Sassy Sixteen quilt top made with Luke Hayne's Dapper fabric line.
My Sassy Sixteen quilt top made with Luke Hayne’s Dapper fabric line.

I love that Pat also included projects in her book, broken down by quilting style (walking foot vs. free motion quilting). I’ve already decided I need to make this quilt:


Pat’s Mega-Fun Book Tour includes an amazing line-up of participants (seriously — I can’t believe my name is on the same list as these folks). Be sure to head over and check out all the posts, tips, interviews and  more:

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And … YOU can win your very own copy of Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt from the super talented author herself! Head here to enter to win (be sure to read the details to make sure you’re entered). Physical Copies for US residents, digital copies for all other winners. Be sure to enter by midnight on Dec. 1!

6 Replies to “Machine Quilting is Mega Fun with Pat Sloan”

  1. I too appreciate Pat Sloan with NO SLOW in her! Looking forward to her newest book, because machine quilting is my enemy of choice right now and I am looking forward to a Happy Thanksgiving in learning “peace” with that enemy!

  2. Your too funny! No slow Sloan! I too, have quilts sitting to be quilted! Have a Happy Thanksgiving also! We both need Pat’s book and her energy!

  3. I agree! Pat is never slooow, and always a Smile!! Love her!! Knooow I “neeeeed” her book to help me get going & finish several projects!! lol

  4. I learned something new on this blog–that the projects are grouped by the type of machine quilting going to be done–walking foot or free motion. I know I just need to stop piecing and get going on machine quilting to finish up some great!! Christmas gifts.

  5. I have to say any and all tips from long time quilters are always a good thing in my book. I’m still figuring things out and trying to see what my favorite things are or aren’t when It comes to my quilting projects right now.

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