Do You Need a Piecing Makeover?

11170The only thing harder than not talking about the book you’re writing is not talking about the book your friend is writing.

While I was hammering away at the book that would become Hack That Tote!, my friend Patty Murphy was across town working on her own book, Piecing Makeover: Simple Tricks to Fine-Tune Your Patchwork * A Guide to Diagnosing & Solving Common Problems. Every so often, we’d touch base to encourage each other and chat about our progress on our books.

And as soon as our manuscripts were off to the editors and normal, non-book sewing resumed, I hit up the expert to diagnose my particular piecing problems:

  • The curved dahlia that popped up like a volcano instead of lying flat. (Patty’s tip: check the seam allowance. Mine started at one width and finished at another. Oops.)
  • The warped strips.
  • Chopped off points.
  • Bulky seams that just would not behave.

11170_177Face Time and a friend who literally wrote the book on fixing problems with your quilt blocks are kind of the best things ever.

Fortunately for everyone who doesn’t have Patty on speed dial, there’s her amazing new book, which delivers on its promise to help fix those little things that take your quilt piecing to a new level. Best of all, it’s chock full of pictures to really help you see what’s going awry so you can apply it to your blocks.

But why take my word for it? C&T Publishing is graciously giving away a copy of Piecing Makeover to one lucky reader of this blog! (Printed copy for those in the U.S.; ebook outside of the U.S.) Simply comment below and tell me what piecing technique you’d love to improve. I’ll use to choose a winner after 5 p.m. Eastern time on 9/18. Good luck!

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EDITED 9/19/2016: And the winner is … Anna-Marie! Congratulations! I hope this helps you with the quilt you’re making for your daughter!

26 Replies to “Do You Need a Piecing Makeover?”

  1. I definitely need to improve on my points. Either they’re chopped off or there’s room between the points and the seam. They’re better than they used to be but still need improving.

  2. I would love to be able to turn triangles into perfect square blocks…….I would LOVE to win this book!

  3. I tend to wing things a lot and this book sounds like just what I need to slow down and get a lot of good techniques under my belt!

  4. /\ ! This is a terrible triangle, right? Well, that’s one of many of my problems! So glad I discovered you on this hop! You’re my kind of wacky. I’m a Whovian, Mother of Dragons loving, X-Files believing, KillJoys watching, Mr. Robot following, Star Wars (I’m a snob–just give me the original trilogy, please) adoring, hopeful grandmother who is fangirling on your 2 delightful books for sewing for girls of all ages (what if I get a boy–Help!). I will now become a stalker (well, not really) and follow you around on your adventures.

  5. I have several issues I neeeeeeed help with…I avoid doing those partial seams as much as I can, Arrrrgh over bulky seams , curves and even picking fabrics!!! :/ (Wish Patty was my neighbor..or even on my speed dial!!! giggle…)

    Thank you for chance to win this AWESOME book too! 😀

  6. I am always looking for new and improved methods for quilting. Sometime it is just one little thing that will change your life.

  7. I need to improve on keeping my points on flying geese blocks. Frustrating most days.
    tracinecharest at gmail dot com

  8. Need help on how to keep points on triangles as am planning an eighteenth birthday present quilt for my daughter.

  9. Getting better points and flatter seams would make me ecstatic. Now I can always attribute any wonkiness or seam misalignment to a creative design process but when one cuts off points that should obviously be there, not sure what to say about that. Well maybe I could attribute that to my improv skills. 🙂

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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