The Wind Beneath My Wings

There’s a reason this blog is called “Confessions of a Craft Addict.” Yes, I’m quite the crafty babe but I’m also the first person to confess my less-than-stellar moments. Like this one:

I typically use my weekday off from work to catch up on household chores and errands. Today, that meant a trip to Home Depot (among other locations) to pick up a rain spout extension. Exciting stuff, right? On my way to the store, I decided I’d pick up a sheet of insulation board so I can make a design wall for my studio. I’m sure you’ve heard of this hack: Cover insulation board with flannel to make a lightweight, portable design wall on the cheap. I’ve been using my floor forever and it’s really not a great system, given that I have pets who think anything on the floor is the only place to sleep.

This is how I found myself walking out of Home Depot with a rain spout extension tucked under my arm and a 4’x8′ sheet of insulation board in my hands. And this is where things went off the rails, thanks to a little thing called “wind.”

Wind isn’t really something I think about most of the time. Sure, I notice it but it’s more of a passing observation than anything else. Wind, however, really gets your attention when your hands are filled with 4′ x 8′ of lightweight foam board, which immediately turns into a sail.

There’s really no easy way to carry 32 square feet of foam board in the wind. It’s either pushing you or dragging you. And maybe six feet out of the door, all I could do was laugh. Until I got to the car.

You see, I drive a Honda Odyssey — a rather stylin’ swagger wagon — that should easily be able to accommodate a piece of foam board this size — if I’d actually cleaned out my car and prepared in some way. But, really, who does that? I’m living on the edge! Flying by the seat of my pants (almost literally)! Why on earth would I have gotten three bags of outgrown clothing out of the car (since I’m clearly never going to donate them), or random pieces of MDF or my toolbox? It’s so much more fun to try to move that stuff and collapse seats when I have to grip a 4’x8′ piece of foam in my hands so it doesn’t take off across the Home Depot parking lot.

Somehow, some way, I managed to shove the foam board into the car, although it meant driving with about 4″ off it on top of my head, and off I went to run the remainder of my errands. I may have given myself a pat on the back for my excellent problem solving skills. I am woman, see me show foam board who’s the boss!


I may have left out another rather critical detail with my last-minute burst of inspiration. It wasn’t until I hauled the board into the house and attempted to prop it against a wall that I learned a valuable lesson:


Yeah, that was a great idea.

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  1. Hi Mary, Not sure how I ended up here but I’m glad I did because I recognized where I was right away. So nice to pop in after so long to take a look around and see what you’ve been up to.

    Hope all is well.

    Um, good luck with that insulation sheet-lol.

    Take care and happy day!

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